Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Moving on" plus a bit of "history"

Well I am "officially at home "sick". This dratted cold ended up as sinusitis

but now the painkillers and antibiotics have kicked in a bit I am managing to catch up a bit on blogs and knitting. I decided, after trying a swatch or two that it was better to drop the stitch count down to 9 rather than 12 stitches in the final strip. Hopefully this will mean enough yarn to finish. If not I can move the fourth strip down , knit some more to make it longer and move this one up into 4th place. It just didn't look right using a single thread as it was too thin compared to the others. I am now over half way around again so hopefully will finish this tonight.

Above pics show how it looked first time when I ran out of yarn. Also it has lived on our lounge floor a little long I think!! Patches decided last night it was an ideal cat mat. Sat right in the middle too!! She curled up there and slept all night. So at worst I can make a cat blankie!!

Now was thinking about the Knitting Olympics and all. Was thinking what have I gained from all of this and was feeling a little sad it is now finished. I must be a process person!! I enjoy the ride.

This is where you can all "blog off " if you like a little personal history follows. :-)

5 & 1/2 years ago my husband of over 25 years committed suicide. Now not looking for any sympathy past that!! But he had been sick for several years. Knitting was so much my escape, where was blogging then? I used to be such a great lace knitter, designing and completing many projects. And exhibitiing as well as selling a few. Was a member of the lacy knitters quild of America as well.

Well after his death suffered rather badly with post trauma stress. Tried to knit just a simple hat in a plain old rib!! Found I couldn't knit!!! Dropped stitches etc etc. Now this was so strange something that had been my stress relief was no longer available to me!

Now finally after all this time I can knit again!!!! Woopie!!!! I started small last year with a small bag and then moved on to a bigger bag. Have just finished another knitted basket, must post a pic and now this!!!

So many thanks to Stephanie!!! It has got me back into the groove. I have now got so many ideas buzzing. Rather expensive really have had to have S.E.X. a few times!! Will need some more large bins at this rate. I am so looking foward to finishing this project and a few others. Am sad tho as I have so enjoyed the buzz of checking everyones progress.

But I can't stress how much this has meant to me, just to get going again in something that has always been such a part of my life.

Anyway enough of that, I have said it once so it won't need repeating , but did so much want to be able to let Stephanie know how much this has meant to me. She is the greatest.

Now I wonder if I can interest her in doing something for the Commonweath games??!! Lol I think not!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

"Wipe out" at the last flag too!!

Well I didn't quite make the gold, nor the bronze either.

I ran out of yarn on the home run!! Will post a pic later when it isn't the middle of the night, early morning that is!

Can't sleep with this d$%^&m cold making my face so sore! It is back to work today as well. Ah well.

I have two options.

1. Rip and reknit the strip with 10 stitchs instead of twelve, think that might make it and think it will be just wide enough.

2. Rip and reknit it on one size smaller needles and use only one thread instead of two. I had used two as most of the yarn I had used is bulky. The chenile wasn't thick enough. However on reflection 2 threads made it a little thick so may get away with this. Made it slightly wider as well.

Notice both options include ripping back the whole strip!! The biggest one as well!! Ah well it will only be 2-3 days to reknit. Also before I reknit I will try a sample of each.

Over all tho am very pleased. I have never knitted a "made up" pattern so quickly and easily.

I was thinking what have I "won" in taking part?

Well , I have learnt to blog for a start. I have made many new blogging friends. I have created a piece of knitting which is different and interesting, at least it will be once finished. I have also enjoyed the ride so much. I also now have a messy house to fix but heh that will still be there when I am gone!!!

So thanks to Stephanie !!!!!

I will post more with pics once I am more awake.

Knit on >^..^<

Saturday, February 25, 2006

"rip it, rip it "


Know how Stephanie feels!! I finished 3 strips this morning and decided to measure the last two to make sure how much more to do. Thought it a good idea to weigh them and the yarn left to make sure I had enough.

Of course on the biggest strip the purple chenile needs at least 64 grams and I have 68 so that is ok, close but ok but the random hand painted wrapped yarn only 34 grams when I need at least 50!!!!

So a quick call to the yarn shop open until 1pm on a Sat so rushed down there. Of course they didn't have the shade I wanted so ended up driving in to Wellington, our Capital only a 20 minute trip each way!! Could of been worse could have been an hour!!! Lol.

Then because they didn't have the same batch, only brought it in January!! I have had to rip back the stripe and reknit using 2 rows of the brighter, yes it is brighter!! inbetween the two rows and short rows of the first batch. So by alternating it will make it I think, yarn wise that is.

Must admit it looks ok tho. Have now nearly reknitted a quarter of it so hopefully can finish this strip tonight and the last one tomorrow. So at least the knitting will be done by the closing. Of course now have an invite out to dinner tomorrow night! Seriously considering taking my knitting to the resturant, if I am allowed to get away with it!!. No knitters in the group going and I suppose must draw the line at knitting in church tomorrow!!

Anyways wasting knitting time here, will post with pic later!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

"Straight's rule!"

Have decided that straights rule, at least for a while! :) I did get kind of used to using them, circular needles that is when doing the Lord of the Rings knitting but the strips are getting so long and kind of getting twisting around each other. Driving me nuts!! So switched to straights for the home run.

I did try rolling the strips up and pinning them but the yarn has been getting caught in the pins and when one has a deadline..........!!!

Decided it was a good time to try out the weaving and see how long, short they were and how far I had to go. Boy are the colours brighter in the photos!! Anyway have nearly finished the two shorter ones only half way on the longer outside strips.

Not sure if to be glad or @#$% angry with myself. I have knitted one strip too many!! All that wasted knitting time. Won't frog it until it is finished, just in case!! Serves me right should of had a trial run a bit earlier. Anyways it means I can now stop knitting on the biggest strip so I suppose that is something.

Cold is doing very well thank-you!! Seriously feel a little better today at least the nose has stopped running so much, just can't breathe!! Ah well a good excuse to sit about and knit!! At least the knitting should be finished in time.

Had a read of the Yarnharlots blog. She was talking zippers!!! $%&*# I need a button/broach to hold this thing together. I would normally make one , will I have time!! Ah well can always just use a kilt pin. Not sure if I will wear it anyway. Not sure if I like it yet. May grow on me when finished. Could always sell it anyways.

Right to the knitting!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I think it will be a bronze!!

Knitting is coming along smoothly but a dratted headcold has slowed me up somewhat. My darling grandchildren decided to "share" virus's. !! I am now over 1/4 the way with knitting the strips to weave in. As you can see they are knitted with short rows so the strips "curve", Should be able to weave them around under and over in the body of the cape then stitch it all down.

There lies the rub, all that hand stitching is going to take time!! So I guess It won't be a gold, but perhaps a bronze. I am at least going to try to get the knitting all done at least!.

On a brighter note. My spinning group had their big Spin-in today. A lovely time was had by all. We had traders, [yipee stash enhancement] a live band, fashion show, demontrations, exhibition etc etc. Only problem the weather packed up half way through with a sudden squall but all had a great time.

Drat , how do you get the pics to be in the middle of the txt instead of defaulting to the top......hm........??

I also brought some" necessary" yarn for my Mums rug really yummy!!

Well better go get dinner and knit!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back at work!! :(

A sunset from our lounge window, for Theresa and my knitted cape progress.

Hi all!

Well after a long week at work, working Saturday and all I have finally managed to finish the body of the cape.

Bad news is I am not sure if I like it yet!! It will depend on how it looks once finished I suppose. The colours are kind of strong. But I am definitely not frogging this...!! It will not be a complete circle once it is sewn together but stretches to this at the moment.

So have now knitted 6 inches of the strips to weave. Have decided that I will need to knit and line the neck with ribbon/tape to carry the weight of the weaving. I think I will get finished with the knitting but sewing up now...LOL

I tried to introduce my Mum to knitty chat and blogging. She did enjoy seeing the sites but didn't express any interest in "having ago". Since Dad died 3/4 years ago she has been somewhat lonely so thought this would give her some fun in the evenings. May try again later. Mind you if she really takes an interest I will never be able to get hold of her, she will always be "on the internet":)

Picked all the peas yesterday so will have to freeze some later this week. But Tues, Wed are my days with the kids so won't get home until 8ish!! :( Roll on Thursday.

I have taken off Thursday as my Creative fibre group is having its bi-annual spin-in. We hire an historical homestead and host groups from the great Wellington region. Lots of fun with traders, music, food, fashion parade, exhibition demonstations etc. I foolishly let myself be talked into giving a demo of dorset buttons!!

You can check-out our national society here http://www.creativefibre.org.nz/ .

Well better go do some work, would rather be knitting! I will post the recipe for courgette and cheese pie once I remember to bring it to work!

Knit on.

PS Just checked - amazing how you can "read" tired. Having trouble staying awake here too much late night TV watching - but those ice dancers!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Aliens in the garden!

This is what happens when you get so busy knitting for the olympics and "forget" for a few days to check the garden!

Giant courgettes!

Patches was so impressed she "stalked" them before pouncing!

Not to mention the peas, beans, tomotoes! :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Cape progress

Hi all, just sharing my progress at last on my knitted cape. I am knitting downwards so the blue band at the bottom is the neckband with two blue centre front bands with the colour inbetween. Once I reach elbow length I will knit blue across all stitches and knit a bottom band.

Then only the strips to knit sideways to weave in.

Feeling happy with it now the knitting is going better. Finishing may be somewhat of a challenge still. The colours are somewhat brighter in the photo than in the "wool" so to speak!

Hope all projects are going smoothly. I am off to have supper and watch some more Olympics!

Knit on.

Beverley Posted by Picasa

Progress at last !!


At long last I think I am on the way. To a knitted cape of many colours that is.

The dark blue band at the bottom is the neck band as I am knitting this down from the neck. The dark blue at each side is the bands centre front and the colours are the strips I am knitting and increasing downwards. Once I have reached about elbow length I will then knit a blue band across all stitches then cast off. So about a third of the way there.

I will then have to knit the strips to weave in from side to side. So 2 more days to finish the body then the strips............hmm will I make it?

Having fun now that the knitting is going better. I have also enjoyed watching the Olympics.

We did have a slight hold up!! Patches, out cat had a sharp object sticking out of her back so had to make an emergency trip to the vet. Turned out to be a cats claw!! So was fighting this afternoon...hm!!! An injection and pulled out and a pill etc etc. Won't be buying any stash this week!!!

HI Patches!! Just let her in she is trying to type!! After banning her because of the two dead mice on the ktichen floor tonight as well as a lizard!!

Well I am off to have supper and watch some more olympics and knit a few more rows.!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A treasued Aunties rug.

The pile of squares awaiting joining and edging.

It is looking good and will keep her warm this winter.

I can safely blog this as at 90 she is not up to learning "how to compute". But if she was 10 years younger!

She is a real inspiration to all. She is also the one who taught me to knit and it is lovely to be able to knit for her in her twilight years. She can't walk much now and doesn't have the concentration to do the complicated arans etc she used to do and sell so well. But she still shows a lively interested and attended Spinning group yesterday. She still knits and loves to read all the knitting mags and books I can take up to her. I am looking forward to getting Stephanies 1st book to share with her.

So this one is for your Auntie!!

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Ready, get set, .......................

The yarn is ready, needles poised....! Cape ready to fly.

I must admit to being somewhat excited to be involved in a world wide event. So thanks to Stephanie!

We will all be winners finish or not, we will all have achieved and learnt so much. Gained a lot of new friends as well!

Knit on all!!

Picture is some of the yarns I will be using in my cape. [ If it works!!]
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Stash weasels vs grand-kids

I was dying to "post" more pictures now I had worked it out! However was child minding for my DS#2 , who by the way is a solo dad and they wanted to play Maths and Reading with Pooh. Ah well. My PC lives in my studio cum craft room so thought I may as well tidy my stash.

Not tidy so much as put away the over flow! Must stay away from sales!! At least until I have purchased some more big plastic bins with lids and wheels. Only about 30 so far. I wonder if I live to be a 100 if I will knit it all. Lol. We won't talk about fabric and threads this is a knit blog right...!!

Anyway pleased to report, Ram no stash weasels in this house. No moths either which is a relief given the amount of wool in this room. Moth heaven!

I have now almost finished my bag, no photo yet. I have one more square to knit on Aunties rug and have decided on a layout and border.The knitting on this will have to be on hold after tomorrow as I start the cape for the Knitting olympics.

Yarn is all sorted out, swatch done and needles at the ready.

I can now show off the pin I made to fasten the cape I made from a Voque mag pattern. [ One day will master how to link ] It has a wrapped button, Paua shell and possum fur around the edge.

I will also one day figure out how to post more than one picture at a time. This has been a steep learning curve!

So off to do more ......

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Eureka!! presenting my knitted bag!


Hi all

I think I have finally figured it out. That is posting photos! Thanks Blogger for your help I have discovered this neat program "Picasa".{ see link below }

So now can "show" the knitted bag I have been working on. Crochet base , knitted strips up and more knitted and woven in. I just need to sew on the handles and line the inside. Also to sew on some of the knitted flowers on one side.

So hope this works!! Just checked and it does! Am I silly or not! To be excited about finally working it out, by myself that is.

This has all been a sharp learning curve! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well after spending ALL afternoon am still no closer to figuring out how to post the photos I have taken of WIP etc.!!

Ah well I have learnt how to down load said photos to my PC , so I suppose that is a start.

Feel I have wasted precious knitting and gardening time! Sigh.

On a more positive note!

1. I have now set up a free homepage via my server to post photos to hopefully transfer here later. If I can figure out how to get to my homepage that is! lol. I can feel another 20 minute call to my provider coming on.

2. Finally finished knitting and sewing up my basket. Have taken photos and now just to make the lining and sew on the knitted flowers. This is all going to time. Needs to be finished by the 23rd Feb and with the Knitting Olympics....!!

3. I have also done nearly 20 squares for the knee rug for my Auntie. Only 6 more to go and I can sew together and knit the border. Nearly decision time. I think I am at this stage going to knit a narrow, say 6 stitch border with an idiot cord edge. This is new to me too.

{Hi Patches - now you can sit on my knee, but keep your paws off the keyboard!!}

4. I am also two patterns into the 3rd cape for an order for one of Aunties friends who loved the one I knitted her for Christmas. So am on the way.

5. I have also swatched and developed the design for the shoulder cape I am knitting for the Knitting Olpmpics! I have also sorted out the yarn needed so all is go!! Tempted to have a day off on the 10th!!

Now if I can just figure out how to post photos. Anyone out there willing to share some hints. Would be gratefully received! May even find some spare stash for a good home!! gg. Is that bribe enough!!

Off to be more productive , happy knitting all!!