Monday, February 27, 2006

"Wipe out" at the last flag too!!

Well I didn't quite make the gold, nor the bronze either.

I ran out of yarn on the home run!! Will post a pic later when it isn't the middle of the night, early morning that is!

Can't sleep with this d$%^&m cold making my face so sore! It is back to work today as well. Ah well.

I have two options.

1. Rip and reknit the strip with 10 stitchs instead of twelve, think that might make it and think it will be just wide enough.

2. Rip and reknit it on one size smaller needles and use only one thread instead of two. I had used two as most of the yarn I had used is bulky. The chenile wasn't thick enough. However on reflection 2 threads made it a little thick so may get away with this. Made it slightly wider as well.

Notice both options include ripping back the whole strip!! The biggest one as well!! Ah well it will only be 2-3 days to reknit. Also before I reknit I will try a sample of each.

Over all tho am very pleased. I have never knitted a "made up" pattern so quickly and easily.

I was thinking what have I "won" in taking part?

Well , I have learnt to blog for a start. I have made many new blogging friends. I have created a piece of knitting which is different and interesting, at least it will be once finished. I have also enjoyed the ride so much. I also now have a messy house to fix but heh that will still be there when I am gone!!!

So thanks to Stephanie !!!!!

I will post more with pics once I am more awake.

Knit on >^..^<


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