Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back at work!! :(

A sunset from our lounge window, for Theresa and my knitted cape progress.

Hi all!

Well after a long week at work, working Saturday and all I have finally managed to finish the body of the cape.

Bad news is I am not sure if I like it yet!! It will depend on how it looks once finished I suppose. The colours are kind of strong. But I am definitely not frogging this...!! It will not be a complete circle once it is sewn together but stretches to this at the moment.

So have now knitted 6 inches of the strips to weave. Have decided that I will need to knit and line the neck with ribbon/tape to carry the weight of the weaving. I think I will get finished with the knitting but sewing up now...LOL

I tried to introduce my Mum to knitty chat and blogging. She did enjoy seeing the sites but didn't express any interest in "having ago". Since Dad died 3/4 years ago she has been somewhat lonely so thought this would give her some fun in the evenings. May try again later. Mind you if she really takes an interest I will never be able to get hold of her, she will always be "on the internet":)

Picked all the peas yesterday so will have to freeze some later this week. But Tues, Wed are my days with the kids so won't get home until 8ish!! :( Roll on Thursday.

I have taken off Thursday as my Creative fibre group is having its bi-annual spin-in. We hire an historical homestead and host groups from the great Wellington region. Lots of fun with traders, music, food, fashion parade, exhibition demonstations etc. I foolishly let myself be talked into giving a demo of dorset buttons!!

You can check-out our national society here http://www.creativefibre.org.nz/ .

Well better go do some work, would rather be knitting! I will post the recipe for courgette and cheese pie once I remember to bring it to work!

Knit on.

PS Just checked - amazing how you can "read" tired. Having trouble staying awake here too much late night TV watching - but those ice dancers!!!!!


Blogger Theresa said...

Gorgeous sunset!

10:17 pm  
Blogger Ragnar said...

I confess to some confusion about how the cape is going to come together...I guess I'll have to patiently wait to see the final pix.

7:33 am  

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