Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stash weasels vs grand-kids

I was dying to "post" more pictures now I had worked it out! However was child minding for my DS#2 , who by the way is a solo dad and they wanted to play Maths and Reading with Pooh. Ah well. My PC lives in my studio cum craft room so thought I may as well tidy my stash.

Not tidy so much as put away the over flow! Must stay away from sales!! At least until I have purchased some more big plastic bins with lids and wheels. Only about 30 so far. I wonder if I live to be a 100 if I will knit it all. Lol. We won't talk about fabric and threads this is a knit blog right...!!

Anyway pleased to report, Ram no stash weasels in this house. No moths either which is a relief given the amount of wool in this room. Moth heaven!

I have now almost finished my bag, no photo yet. I have one more square to knit on Aunties rug and have decided on a layout and border.The knitting on this will have to be on hold after tomorrow as I start the cape for the Knitting olympics.

Yarn is all sorted out, swatch done and needles at the ready.

I can now show off the pin I made to fasten the cape I made from a Voque mag pattern. [ One day will master how to link ] It has a wrapped button, Paua shell and possum fur around the edge.

I will also one day figure out how to post more than one picture at a time. This has been a steep learning curve!

So off to do more ......

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