Monday, January 30, 2006



I don't believe it , I did it!!

My very own blog site.

Where to begin? Well a site to "yarn" about knitting is what I hope to achieve. I am a Kiwi, that is a New Zealander hence the NZ in the title.

Even if no one reads any of this then well it will be an online note book of sorts.

About me? I have been knitting forever or so it seems. I have no recollection of ever learning. Apparently I learnt at about age 6 or so. An Aunt taught me.

My dolls were the best dressed in the street! :) Still have those clothes somewhere packed away.

It seems strange that now knitting is just the coolest thing to do! I am so proud Lily my 5 year old grand-daughter did her first row of knitting yesterday. Has been nagging me for ages and finally cast on for her and did a few rows to get her started. I think it will take a while to get her going but she is very keen to knit daddy a scarf.

Still have to figure out how to post photos etc. May take awhile!! Am very new to this.

WIP. Well.......... have several!! lol.

A wrap for a friend of my Auntie, a knitted woven bag, a knee rug for said Aunt and somehow a cape for the Olympics, knitting that is.

I must be mad! Of course we won't talk about the other , one, two or three items lurking around the studio!! I promise they will be "rescued" one day.

So bye for now!


Anonymous Janey said...

Welcome to the world of blog.

Actually I am envious, because all I do is read blogs, not having one of my own.
And unfortunately the blog reading cuts out most of my knitting time. But I have a great inventory of patterns!
(Heaven knows what would have to be omitted from my life if I were to start writing one.)

Happy knitting! And blogging.

6:26 pm  

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