Saturday, February 25, 2006

"rip it, rip it "


Know how Stephanie feels!! I finished 3 strips this morning and decided to measure the last two to make sure how much more to do. Thought it a good idea to weigh them and the yarn left to make sure I had enough.

Of course on the biggest strip the purple chenile needs at least 64 grams and I have 68 so that is ok, close but ok but the random hand painted wrapped yarn only 34 grams when I need at least 50!!!!

So a quick call to the yarn shop open until 1pm on a Sat so rushed down there. Of course they didn't have the shade I wanted so ended up driving in to Wellington, our Capital only a 20 minute trip each way!! Could of been worse could have been an hour!!! Lol.

Then because they didn't have the same batch, only brought it in January!! I have had to rip back the stripe and reknit using 2 rows of the brighter, yes it is brighter!! inbetween the two rows and short rows of the first batch. So by alternating it will make it I think, yarn wise that is.

Must admit it looks ok tho. Have now nearly reknitted a quarter of it so hopefully can finish this strip tonight and the last one tomorrow. So at least the knitting will be done by the closing. Of course now have an invite out to dinner tomorrow night! Seriously considering taking my knitting to the resturant, if I am allowed to get away with it!!. No knitters in the group going and I suppose must draw the line at knitting in church tomorrow!!

Anyways wasting knitting time here, will post with pic later!!


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