Saturday, June 24, 2006


At last! Can believe so much time has past since I last posted. I haven't had either the time nor the inclination to sit and collect my thoughts to put "pen to paper" so to "speak". Hmmm.

"The" project my DS2 was working on has been finished by last Sat pm. As far as I know that is. He came home Sat night about 11pm and hasn't talked to me much since. Can't get anything out of him so have to presume all went OK. He seems very depressed and I can't make up my mind if it is because it didn't go OK or he is just very tired. He worked solid for 2 weeks with very little sleep and "lived" on his nerves to pull this one off, so this may be pure reaction. Anyway I have decided there is nothing I can do about it but move on as if all is OK. This seems to be working. So after a couple of sleepless nights worrying about him.... finally I am relaxing after having the kids for nearly 2 weeks straight.

In all they stayed with me for 5 nights in total and I baby sat them the rest until at least 10.30 each night. Oh as well as the usual running to and from school, day care etc etc. Man was I tired. How I did it first time around..!!!

I did try several times to get my laptop out and post but normally dozed off over the keyboard waiting for blogger to load. [ Did I mention how tired I was] As an aside am considering broadband. Xtra is offering free sign up is very tempting , dial up is sooooooooo slooooooow!

Plus DP and I could be on at the same time...hmmm.

Anyway worked all day Sat as well so had today, Monday off. [ Ok the more alert among you will have noticed the date of the post is Sat, but I uploaded the pics at work on Sat hoping to post later but was so tired , did I mention how tired....]

So today was lovely. The house seems almost too quiet. No chatting 6 year old girl, [Boy even at 6 they can talk up a storm.] and no little boy playing cars and wanting to play Thomas and Friends on the internet. We caught up on some washing between showers did a little shopping and watched a movie and knitting, finally not too tired to do more than a few rows.

We did go over the Hutt and called in at Fenton's a yarn shop which is closing in about 8 weeks. I had hoped to get some more bargians but most of the best has gone now. Only got two more circulars , a couple of patterns and 3 balls of an expensive Italian yarn at half price.

Anway there has been between showers some of this................

Please excuse the angle of the pic and flash in the window. It was early morning and a bitterly cold frost outside but the sun was shinning with a rainbow. Very beautiful. [ I liked how the flash looked like the gold at rainbows end] Yes we have had sun. But oh so cold. I don't think we have had such a cold winter for years.

First the South got it then last week the North Island was cut off with nearly all the main roads closed through the centre with snow. The poor farmers have been feeding out and will run out of winter feed. The govenment has annouced its intention to help out with aid. They are still trying to restore power to outlying areas down south who have been without power for over 2 &1/2 weeks now.

Now to last you may say!

Presenting ... the socks. It has only taken me 6 years to finish them. lol. I have now cast on a pair to try the 2 circulars method. I have taken it a step further tho and am trying a pair on 2 circulars at the same time. Will post when I have done enough to show.

My camera leaves a lot to be desired and the cables on the legs don't show but they are finished!!

The next pic shows my next challenge project. I tried several ideas with this including several different main colours. I had a hard task making up my mind and finding a colour I was happy with. I was determined to use some stash this time and not to buy any more. The yarns we all shared were a lot harder to put together than the last challenge. The yarn is a denim blue which seemed to match the best.

I finally decided on knitting strips using small amounts of the noverty yarns. I will knit 3 strips and knit them together as I go. Then will knit the side triangles and add beads and tassels. What is not apparent in the pic is that the strip is triangles knitted modular fashion and knitted together as you go. Where the rows of noverty are show clearly how the knitting goes in triangles.

I have 2 triangles to go on the first strip then I can start the second.

I did manage to get a half day last Thursday and took a class run by a friend who was teaching silk cocoon embelishment.

This is my test sample. It was meant to be a Xmas decoration but I decided that I liked the lime green and blue better then the red and green. It is shaped like a Fushia flower. My friend uses them to make earings etc. But I am going to use some of the cocoons dyed orange to decorate tassels for the above wrap.

Well that about sums it up. I haven't really done much as I have been a full-time mum for 2 weeks. Well it felt like it anyway. So am looking forward now to catching up on some projects. I want to get out another UFO, of which I have several. I decided that once the socks were finished that I should finish another outstanding project. So will it be the vest or should I try the little baby jersey...hmmm.

Anyway one thing hasn't changed it is frezzing in here! I am off to make supper and get into a warm bed with a book, catch you all soon.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Rain, rain, go away..........."

To whom it may concern,

The garden is now well watered, the house washed and the salt spray rinsed from the car. So it is quite OK now to stop raining. Else the basement is going to full up and the damp washing will litter the house.

Here is the view from the lounge window this pm. You may just make out the down pour and the overflowing birdbath!

Ok , hi all! Good news I have survived the first week and seem to have regained some energy and positiveness from somewhere!

DS arrived home by 12.20am last Thursday but I did sleep well that night and the next. I must admit to having the kids again to stay tonight but today was their last day/night of filming. They now have to get all the films developed and the editing and story writing continues. They have until Friday pm to deliver so guess I will be baby sitting again tomorrow and following nights. I have however been promised a couple of Sundays off so am tempted to "go away" next weekend. Even if the going away means locking the door and taking the phone off the hook!

DP and I have had much better space the past 2 days and in fact worked together to fix this.... [ I suppose I should be honest and say my helping involved helping to lift off and hold while nuts were tightened. DP did all the work]

Yes our clothes line had finally given up the ghost as in the main support pole had rusted through. And with a mountain of washing in the laundry had to do something...!!

So a new pole was inserted inside the old and 4 clamps and 3 metal stakes later........

It is stronger then before and hopefully will hold until we get a new one in the summer when concreting seems easier than now, see above re rain!

The observant will notice it wasn't raining while repairs took place and you would be right we did have a window when it was brilliantly sunny and calm and we managed to get all the washing half try before the rain. Now it is pouring again with a southerly and more snow down south predicted. I feel for those down there, last weeks has still not melted. The last I heard the army was taking supplies in by helicopter to isolated high country farms.

So the fire has been worth its weight in gold the past week or so and the soup in the freezer has been handy as well. Tonight made a quiche with onions and the last of the tomatoes. So from now on will have to buy fresh. Still 6 months of fresh home grown isn't bad.

I have managed to do a little knitting. I am up to the fronts of DGD's jacket and 2/3rd of the way to the toe on my sock. I think I have also managed at last to figure out my next challenge project. It is going to be another wrap but using a different strip knitting technique. After several starts and samples think I am happy with the results. The problem was the yarns are all so "out there" that they don't really go together well and need more "space" between them. So I will only be using a small amount every so often. I think this may work.

No pics yet, camera ran flat and I need to knit more to see what happens!

So all and all feeling much better than a week ago when we faced several days of the Gkids. At least it is only one night and a couple of baby sitting times this week. Roll on Friday. Of course the kids are happy and "love" coming here. I think I spoil them a little!!.

I am off to knit and defrost. Happy knitting all, catch you all tomorrow.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, DS2 had a safe if very snowy and cold trip home. As he didn't get in until 4.58pm the kids stayed with us. Once again DGD had difficulty nodding off however were both very good.

However the down side??... Well the comp doesn't finish until the 23rd June when the completed story board, film and photospread has to be in Auckland by 5.00pm that day. So will still have several nights of "baby sitting" this coming week.

So guess where I am? Yes that's right around at DS2's. Both are in bed asleep thank goodness so fortunately remembered my laptop.

Did doze off however while waiting for blogger to load!! Heh, heh this parenting is exhausting work. I am hoping he is home this side of midnight as I have work again tomorrow. "hardly worth going out if I can't have the flexibility..." tough! at my age you need all the beauty sleep you can get!!!

Last night didn't help by the time I got home it was 10pm and DP and I had one of those "I am so tired I will fight about any and everything" fights. So didn't sleep so well. We never fight!!! Seriously never!!! So this was hard. This whole bit of custody, court, child minding , battling WINZ etc is really getting us down. Over 2 & 1/2 years now.

Sorry if I sound so negative tonight just so tired. Nothing a good break and sit down with my knitting wouldn't help. But too tired even for that. Many try to tell me that DS2 takes advantage of my good nature but I find it hard too say no.

And to top it all off damaged my beloved car tonight on a concrete wall. My fault as I wasn't taking enough care. Fortunately not dented just scatched but it has scatched the metal so will have to fix or it will rust. So more good stash money ...!!!

Anyway just had to have a good moan. No knitting news other than I am slowly coming up with ideas for the next challenge. Have decided to join forces with two friends and make something as a team effort for next years fashion parade. I have also been checking out some Japanese design as our club exhibition has a Japan sister city theme. That and our area exhibition in September which has a spring theme is going to keep me out of trouble for a while.

Anyway this lap top is playing up again so will go do some knitting. Thank goodness I have bloggy "friends" to moan at! I would bust!

Knit on,I promise to try and bring some knitting news soon!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


A quick post as this room is freezing. I am huddled up here with 2 wheat sacks trying to keep warm enough to type.

One problem of being in air con all day at work, you feel the cold more at home. The fire is great but as the kids are sleeping in that room haven't been able to have it so hot.

They have been really good. Just a little slow to go to sleep at night as they miss their dad. Who is as I type headed home. They were meant to be home with him tonight but his friends car broke down last night which delayed their leaving Hamilton until 5 tonight. [ I do hope he drives carefully. ever since I lost my first husband in a car accident at 21 I am rather jittery about loved ones on the road and there is so much ice and snow about.]

Yesterday the weather really threw it at us. A strong blustery Northerly in the morning with heavy rain followed by a equally as strong southerly in the afternoon , evening. So cold and the most snow down south for more than 30 years.

Check this link to see...,2106,3699033a10,00.html

I had taken the afternoon off to pick up the kids and take them home to start the fire and tea. Got the fire going ok then the power started to fluctuate and then went all together. Of course DGD had hysterics as she is frightened of the dark and it was by then 5.00pm. So out came the candles and torch etc. We were warm enough but had to go out for take outs tea as the oven wouldn't work. They had cut the voltage to spread the load so we had dim lights but not much else. Anyway DGD decided it was fun once we had a candlelight dinner. Fortunately it came on in time to watch a little pony DVD to help them settle before bed!

So not much to report on the knitting front. I did try and do a sample of the next challenge but my brain is not co-operating with ideas at the moment. Might be something to do with the middle of the night visits from DGS. Don't know how I did it first time around. So tired!!! I am looking forward to a break.

Anyway I am off to thaw out and do a little reading before bed. May have more interesting news one day soon. Cheers!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Parenthood revisited!

Hi all, yes I know it has been awhile but have been somewhat busy.

To answer Gillian's question from the previous post, the "brown and orange" challenge wrap/scarf is my own design. I tend to knit up my own or at the very lest make changes to any pattern I use. I find I don't like knitting patterns. There are normally mistakes etc. Besides as I get older if I use a pattern that means putting the glasses on at night to read it...!!! Rather tedious , especially as they always seems to be in the "other" room when I want them , just when I have got comfortable...!!!

With the scarf/ wrap I knitted the squares. then picked up the triangles from the sides and knitted them together. Note the middle triangles are more "acute" to make the wrap curve about the back neck area. Once all joined I used two circulars to pick up along the length of the top of the triangles. I then worked short rows to give a curved wedge shape at the top. I then continued in reverse stocking stitch in the middle third again using short rows to make a rolled collar. It seemed to work rather well.

I have now being trying to do the next challenge, in this case I was knitting another bag. But after doing a third decided I didn't like it so ripped it all out. Now trying to decide what to do next. Proablely a bag and or scarf but have to decide how and what with. The dark blue I was using with the random samples was too dark. I do have a denim blue from the stash which may work OK. Will have to sample and see.

I have tho almost finished the sock. I have also just about finished the back of DGD's jersey. But this weekend has had it own challenge. DS2 was invited to be the photographer on a 6 member team to take part in a competition run by Red Bull from Japan. 6 teams in New Zealand have been given $3,500 NZ each to film , photograph and come up with a story board which will be judged and published. [All 6 get published by the way.] This means however that from the 9th June to the 23rd he is very busy. He went away on the Friday 9th and won't be back until Tuesday night 13th. So guess who is "parent" of two darling children for the duration!!!! A 4 &1/2 and 6 years old!!!

They have been rather good altho the oldest is having trouble sleeping as she is missing Dad so much. Finally got her off at about 10.30pm so guess she will be rather tired for school tomorrow. I think parenthood is harder second time around. Guess I am getting a little old for this! Roll on Wednesday. Altho he will need a lot of baby sitting until this "project" has been put to bed. It was such a good oppurtunity but ....!!!!

Anyway the weather has been fabulous but cold with it. Last week we had some heavy frosts... as these photo's show. Can you see the white on the roofs?

In fact it has been so cold I have been wearing my woollen tights and shawls again. Here is a pic of the first shawl I knitted myself about 10 years ago. It is my favourite , no doubt because it is black and goes with everything.

This shawl has been worn and worn. It shows how durable a fine mernio shawl can be even when worn alot. It is so warm about the shoulders as well.

Oh well off to bed again. At least it will be warm there. There is now a howling northly blowing with rain gusts. Brrr. I am off to read up on modular knitting and see if I can come up with a design for the next challenge. If I don't get side tracked witht the knitters loom I picked up from Mum otday that is.

Knit on all. >^..^< I look forward to reading and catching up on your blogs tomorrow at work.

Monday, June 05, 2006


At last pic's!! Here are the two from Saturday showing the new additions to the stash. Looking at the list of projects lining up I guess these will be next years winter warmers.

Golden for me and....

.... and Burgundy for DP.

The past 5 days seem to have flown. Not quite the break we expected due to heavy colds but so nice to be able to stay inside by the fire. Saturday DP's cold and cough had kept him awake on and off all night so I suggested he stay at home in bed and I drove up to see my Mum and Auntie. As you may remember I had convinced Mum to let me buy her the new "Knitter's loom" from Ashford.

I was able to help her warp up for her first scarf. It was a breeze! I am looking forward to seeing the results and to having a go myself. I have already decided to double, even treable some fine merino in black and white and do one in houndstooth check. This should be a good stash buster as I have a heap of fine merino from my days of lace knitting.

One of the reasons I have been buying a bit of wool lately is that most of the stash I have is not really suitable for jerseys. Mostly fine and odd balls. So this should work through a bit. May even bring in a bit of income as the gallery shop next to the library would sell them. Just need more time...!!!

Anyway Sat pm stayed in front of the fire and knitted. Once the kids went home that night was so tired from doing nothing dozed off and on. Anyway grandparent duties yesterday, Sunday that is. That was rather fun this week. Typical Queen's birthday weekend. Freezing cold southerly arrived which meant staying in side all day. So we made pancakes and had baths and peeled our own vegies for tea etc. I did make the mistake of not watching DGD closely and we nearly peeled the carrot right away but she had fun. She may be only 6 but is determined to have ago at anything. So may as well strike while the iron is hot. Won't be long before she is moaning about getting off the computer or phone to do anything...!!

We had an invite out for tea as well so didn't have to cook which was great but I do wish that people would realise that knitters need at least a small light to knit by as we watched a movie after and it was dark as... so didn't get any done. Now if I had thought I could have taken something plain ah well.

So today we decided to have a quiet day again in front of the fire as it has been so cold. The sun is now out but wouldn't melt an ice cream today, too cold brrr. So hopefully will have rid of this nasty cough by work tomorrow.

I did manage to finish this tho....

Finished off the last of the pom poms and sewed them all on. I happened to have some burnt orange wooden beads in the stash which added a bit of weight.

This second pic shows the rolled neck line I added to the middle third to give a nice edge to the back of the neck area.

So what next..?? Hmm let me see I have this sock to finish and the next challenge to start, looking like another bag at this stage and then there is DGD jersey not to mention... but the list could go on.

I just know it is freezing in this room so will go back to the fire to defrost. One thing about work is that as the internet is available all day on my desk top I can check sites on my breaks. It is warmer there. :)

So knit on all! >^..^<

Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh what a beautiful morning ..oh what a beautiful day...

As you may have guessed things went well today.

It was a cold start, a bit frosty however but another glorious sunny and calm day. Anyone who lives in this area will know what I mean when I say calm!!! We normally have at the very least a slight breeze.

The lawyer was very encouraging and believes this is a last ditch stand of pique by the mother as she has been told she has "lost" her case. So we do nothing , just wait on the counsellor's report next month. Of course if she keeps refusing to go then there is nothing we can do about it. But she is NOT going to get any further access unless she is prepared to sit and talk about it. It really comes down to communication and if one party is not prepared to give up their alluison of control/power over and put the children first then it isn't going to work!

So feeling much better today. I did pop into the yarn shop sale but managed to restrain myself to the "real" bargians. This is where I was going to show a pic or two but of course unlike me Blogger is not having a good day! So will have to wait for that. I got enough 1o ply aran weight to knit two garments. A nice gold with a fleck for me and a burgandy for DP , his has a greeny blue fleck. They were only $1.95 for a 100 gram ball of pure NZ wool so a very good buy. [ Were about $8.95 ]

Then this pm have been back and forwards to the tip and recycling centre to help DS to clear out his garage. He has been clearing his section and needed the rubbish taken away. Have only just broken the back of this one as still more to do but we are waiting on the trailer.

Now just to get an early dinner and can sit in front of the fire with my knitting. I am now up to the armhole on the back of DGD's jersey/jacket. I have also made good progress on the challenge. Time to be thinking of the next one!

By the way no more mouse problems thank goodness. I think we will have to get a cat flap before next winter so we can keep the internal door closed to the garage. This may help a bit.

Still 3 more days to go , yipee perhaps some spinning tomorrow. Altho we have wood to move as the big wood box is empty which means moving it from under the house to the garage. I will earn a break tomorrow!

So knit on all. >^..^< From a much happier knitter tonight :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another day - a beautiful one at that too!

Hi all

We have just had the most beautiful sunny clear windless day. It is funny but we quite often get our best weather in winter just cold with it. Tonight is going to be cold and frosty tho.

This week has been a better one. The stress level is still a little on the high side but as always life has evened out again.

Tomorrow is the day, but as before I suspect that it will be more of the same. Another affidafit and another few months will go by, then back in court for another round. At least the kids are happy and safe and hopefully reason will win through. I think we will just have to accept that this is the way it will be until they are 16 years or so.

At least DS2 has now had 2-3 years to give them a good grounding. They are very independant children and he is teaching them to look after themselves and each other. At four they can dress, undress, fold and put away their clothes, clean and tidy their rooms [ including make their beds], clean and wash their teeth and know to put their own seatbelts on in the car. He has been busy teaching them "to keep safe rules". As in with strangers, other men and road rules etc.

He is having a struggle with the GD in teaching her healthy eating as her Mum just lets her eat any rubbish but he is slowly winning there. Also Mum is not above starving herself and self image is a real problem so he wants her to grow up healthy with a good self image of her self.

They are delightful and very well behaved and polite. Still naughty at times but lovely children Can you tell I am proud of DS2? He is doing a much better job than I did!

Anyway I digress! We have today and tomorrow off and as it is "Queens birthday" weekend Monday is a stat day as well. So a nice break. Or is would be if we both didn't have colds. Ah well still enjoying some knitting and catching up with blog and book reading. May even manage a little baking and spinning...!!

I did see that a local yarn shop has a sale. May pop down there after the lawyer tomorrow....shhh it doesn't hurt to look does it!!

As for pumpkins , Gillian commented on soup, well this is my favourite as follows.

Pumpkin Soup.

Take 2 stalks of celery and 2 oinions and 2 carrots.
Chop and saute in butter until soft.
Then add 1/2 a large pumpkin skinned and chopped, 3 Tbsp of chicken stock then half fill pot with water. That is cover the vegies.

Simmer until tender then cool and blend. If reheating it pays to heat the soup by putting in a bowl and heat in a water bath as it can spit when boiling. I sometimes cheat by just taking the potato masher to the pot , I don't mind if it is a little lumpy and it beats having to blend it all.

I quite like adding 2-3 chopped bacon rashers to the pan with the carrots etc. Adds a little more in the flaour.

Enjoy!! By the way we had the first of the tomato soup for lunch today with bread. Hmm lovely. Just the thing when you have a cold.

Is any readers have a favourite way to use pumpkin please feel free to share, I still have 4 more to use!

Knitting you say?? yes I am getting close to finishing the first fibre challenge and managed some 3-4 inches on DG jersey. No pics today - sorry ! Perhaps tomorrow.

Anway I am off to have some supper , hot milk and chocolate biscuit and a bit of reading.

Knit on all >^..^<