Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just to prove I am still knitting.!!

I am hard at it , only 4 more days before the entries have to be in for our exbibition. I have now knitted 7 1/2 feet so about another 2 feet to go and this Obi [ kimono sash ] should be long enough. If the yarn holds out that is. Looking good tho......

These two pics show how different natural light and flash can effect the image. The first pic is by flash and the next is natural light.

Hmm, I think the natural light one is the closest but neither do it justice.

At least the shading shows and you can clearly see the multidirectional slant to the sash. I have 2 1/2 triangles to go then just the end half triangle to do and finished! At least there won't be hundreds of ends to darn in just the two then wash and block. This has to be delievered Saturday pm at the latest.
Hopefully the spolights will show up the silk nicely.

I have also finished spinning and plying the linen for the chopstick placemats. I have tried dying with tea to give an "aged" apperance but I think it really needed boiling in the tea to have much of an effect.

Here is one ply before I plied them together....

Oh I must find time to do a festival 07 report to... here's my fashion parade outfit hanging with the others. As soon as the prize winners are posted I will link to the site.[ It didn't sell so will have to decide what to do with it.]

Mine is the brown dress and wrap on the left.

Now what do you do when your household staff are hard at it...!!!!

Well the best spot in the house. Knit on all.

[I just have to find a house for DS2 to live in by the 30/5 , finish a sash, weave some placemats, pulp tomatoes.....oh and not to mention the longdistance study. You could say live is not boring. Hmm I suppose I should get around to updating the side bar as well...>>>>> :) ]

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Year of the pumpkin

Anyone for pumpkin soup, or perhaps roasted with gravy????? 13 this year best yet.

Sunday sky, somehow matches the mood, back to work tomorrow.

Great weekend as usual much too short, didn't help that I tweaked my back yesterday and have been hobbling around since. 17 for dinner last night but went well. Someone shoot me if I suggest such bright ideas as, " lets have a pot luck at our place instead of going to a resturant". It was more fun and I think the food was yummier as well.

Knitting is coming along slowly over 2 feet long now ... will it make the 6 feet...hmm watch this space.

Off to spin hemp for my chopstick placemats.

knit on all >^..^<

Friday, April 20, 2007

Excuse me a personal message...

Hi Libby

Thanks for your comment. I have had trouble however accessing your blog and can't email back.

I have checked the site you recommended and yes I did know about the knitting retreat. In fact the two tutors , Kathy and Billie are personal friends and in fact belong to the creative fibre group, The Gear creative fibre group that I belong to. So named after the restored historic homestead where the old stables cum woolshed is used by several local art, craft groups as their club rooms.

I am not sure if I will attend as I already know what they are teaching, will have to check rest of the activities, won't mind meeting for coffee etc.

Get back to me if you read this.

Cheers and knit on

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bad blogger

Hmmm, Ok I finally get on top of the Blogger problems, and post in a hurry before going here and post to the test blog I set up while trying to fix the above problem.....Duh!

Anyway the problems I have been having seem to have vanished. :) So must try and post more. I must admit they put me off trying to post for a while,

The wool festival was great. managed to get an entry in both the fashion parade and the exhibition. No prizes and neither have sold yet but still after 7 years I am back to it. Now busy working toward the next exhibition in May. So busy trying to knit a 12 foot sash. That's right 12 feet. I must be mad but have hand spun random dyed silk and plyed with fine wool. As our exhibition has a Japanese theme this year am trying to knit a Komono sash. It has to go around the body twice with some to hang so figure 12 feet should be about right. Must be done by the 1st May , will I make it --- watch this space. Oh I have nearly done 2 feet so far and and knit about 7 inches or so a night.

Here is the silk while nearly spun...

Not to mention the place mats woven from chopsticks and books to bind.

I am enjoying the flow tho. Great to be back at the art, craft again. Now if I could just drop the job....!!!

The only fly in the ointment , DS2's landlady has sold the house he is renting so he has 30 days tp find another place to live so guess who is helping.
We also had a 7th [ where have the years flown too] birthday with a a rather wonky castle cake. Oh and a very special trip to the SPCA to pick out a new companion as in a very cute pale gray tabby for said DGD who has been begging for a pet for months. Of course this makes house hunting slightly more complicated , sigh!

Anyway rather late so off to bed. Now I know I can post without fighting the computer for hours will be more inclinced to be more regular.

knit on all >^..^<