Monday, September 15, 2008

"Mind expanding"

"God never puts any man in a space too small to grow in"

Hi all
Hmm you might be thinking after the past few posts , where's the knitting. The truth be told it is all on the needles.
I am having a ball , loving my knitting or the production of it but nothing finished recently. Not unless you count the 86 samples I did for City and Guilds module 2. I am now steadily working on #3 and finding it slightly easier going. Have done nine samples so far but really they are not riverting blogging fodder. [ especially unblocked ]
My rainbow socks move on. My first pair of socks from the toe up and have to admit I am converted. Such a great feeling, knit to the end of the ball and know, with confidence that I can get a sock out of the ball left. None of the having to rip out the ribbing and reknit to get yarn from the first sock to finish the second then going back to do the same with the begining of the second to match the now shorter first sock. Believe me "I know" having had to do that with the last pair. [ I am designing these as I go, hope I can remember how to do the second LOL]
I think my biggest problem is that my brain moves faster than my fingers. I keep getting these great ideas for projects and design them from start to finish but lack the time to create them. I won't just be leaving a stash beyond life expectancy but visual diaries full of sketches. Why just today sitting in the waiting room at the physio's [tweeked my back long story, but on the mend] I was debating getting out my latest sock. Would I have time for a row or two? I thought no I didn't but I digress. A paitent was waiting for help from the receptionist and I was just looking into the distance when I examined the pattern of her quilted jacket and thought "what if...??". Just had time to whip out pen and paper and make a quick sketch when I was called in. I really must try this stitch pattern. You will be the first to hear if I can make it work.
Anyway where was I...? I think the mind expanding thing with knitting and design is that you realise that you are always learning, always looking for ideas. Well in my case I have almost got to the stage of putting blinkers on. Really the ideas just buzz in my head , many is the time when a hot flush strikes inconveniently mid night that I have laid in the dark drawing pictures in the air. Of some fanciful garment ... be it sock or jersey. Or perhaps I am just getting old..!
I am fortunate in having many chances to do art courses and in working next to an art gallery. [Just today I toured an embroidery exhibition in my lunch break and must go back with my sketch book.] Yet I am aware of comments made by some [ who shall remain nameless] that "I won't do....take that course." It won't teach me anything I don't know already".
I consider myself an experienced knitter but learn so much all the time. In two weeks I am really looking forward to attending the Aoteroa textile fibre forum. A really intense 6 days of workshop. This year I am doing jewellery with Mary Hettmansperger from the USA , woven jewellery that is. It will be a mind expanding week if last years is anything to go by. Who needs drugs... just pick up your pointy sticks.
I have been to many knitting classes, many have covered topics I am familar with, yet I always learn at least one thing that makes it worth while. I have taught many classes and I find I learn just as much as the students. [ Or am I just obsessed with knitting...hmm].
I suppose what I am saying is keep an open mind , learn and stretch the mind daily you may be surprised at what you have been missing.
All this to reach my point.... I have been revelling in words, poetry and writing. The last few posts I have enjoyed writing... if you enjoy reading?... only time will tell. I am enjoying the "knitting" of words together to tell a story, inspire a thought or convey a memory.
I hope your space is always large enough to grow in.
knit on >^ ..^ <
"I want to be all that I am capable of becoming...." Katherine Mansfield

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Blogger Walled Garden said...

Hello Bev,
I have been enjoying the contact. Like you I was also shattered by the 9/11 events. I was in Oz then and got to school to find out that we had to make "Rules" that kids could not rejoice in what had happened. We had a school which was 25% moslem and it was a difficult time.
Love hearing about your progress and digress in fibre arts.
Good luck with all your stuff. Willemail you properly soon
Cheers Gillian

8:31 am  

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