Saturday, September 06, 2008

"Comments please"

" If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything!"

Sorry another photoless post, I really must get motivated to get out the camera. Especially as I have a brand new one to learn to use. Hm perhaps that's the problem. [ edited to add pic. Sun came out briefly so went out to hang some washing perhaps the wind will try them as the sun disappeared the minute I did this..!! Still got some pics to share.. enjoy]

Another bleak, wet, cold, windy day. So much for it being spring! The daffs, tulips and iris' are taking a hammering today. As good excuse as any to stay near the fire with my knitting and laptop. That and the annoying fact that I have tweeked my back again. [ Too much house moving [ 4 in the past 18 months], not to mention lugging wood for the fire]
Some spring flowers... I see a bit of dead heading is needed..

Should really be out in the garden weeding! The weeds are taunting me through the window and I dread to think how the vegie garden is. Mercifully out of sight from the lounge room window. I did manage to get it half weeded, enough to see how little everything has grown this winter. Too much rain and not enough sun. We won't be feasting on many broad beans this year. Hardly any have dared to spring up through the mud. I can see over to my neighbours gardens and they have the same results.
Hmm some slug damage.... still not bad... we have baby broccoli!! [ By the way this is the half I weeded two weeks ago before I tweeked my back, I resisted the urge to turn around and show you a pic of the beds behind me... some work is needed! ]

All this may explain the horrendous price of vegetables in the supermarkets!! I never thought I would see the day when cabbages, caulis and broccoli would be $5 each!!! How those with large families and just as small incomes are managing....!! I know my DS2 with his two eating him out of house and home is finding shopping for food a real challenge these days.

Anyway having got right off of the topic...

With enforced inactivity and the fact that it has been quieter at work I have been able to do a bit more net surfing and reading and catching up with some favourite sites/blogs. [Also finding old friends, hi Gillian!!]

I am forever amazed at the problems some well known bloggers, site owners and pod casters have with comments fired at them. [ I suppose I am leaving myself right open here to some myself but my blog doesn't generate enough traffic so think I am fairly safe.]

I don't have any problems with:

1. Supportive comments in a positive way.

2. Well thought out constructive criticism of preceived faults or problems.

3. Greetings and positive feed back on content.

But I can't understand these:

1. I hate...... whatever. This equals "I don't like your blue eyes" type of comments.

2. You are really "bad/wicked for ....."

3. "You are doing...... wrong and you should stop......"

Is there something about the internet that makes us think we are safe to say and do things that we wouldn't say and do in our own homes!!!!

Heh, aren't we all controllors of our own "mouses". [ I suppose strictly thinking that should read mice, but "mouses" seems to better decribe what I mean]

We have choices here, if we don't like a site do we have to take it as a personal insult and take it upon ourselves to "make them change" for " their own good". If we don't like something in "real time" we just don't go there, do that or whatever. So you don't like a site, the topic, the owner the content, or style of speaking.....remove it from you favourites....easy peasy!!!

Anyway down off my soap box, I just can't believe the rudeness of some.

As an aside my poor DP has a nasty virus on his PC. He was running spyware as well but it still got past. [ Made me rather nervous to go on line I kid you not! ] He has spent the last two days trying to back up files and rescue as much as possible so he can run recovery. Brought a backup hard drive and is busy downloading as I write] Hope it works. This is another senseless thing.

You get these, I suppose teenagers who have nothing better to do with their time than make someone elses life a misery by hacking and creating viruses. I mean it is not like they even get the amusement of watching and seeing the results...what do they get out of it beats me!! My DP's comment " They just wanted to give me a bad day..!"

What am I working on? you may well ask. Some City & Guilds, I have just started module 3 having received 2 back with some positive comments and a pass. I must not knit so many samples this time, I think 86 was a bit carried away. It cost far two much for us both to post. I have read through and taken notes and started knitting, fire here I come this pm.

I am also still working on my exhibition pieces. 1st one nearly finished. It has got to the black hole stage with it taking an hour to do a row. It is all very well to start at the neck edge on a few stitches but........ have a zillion stitches now to plough.. through... each... row. Roll on the edging.

The observant among you will notice it is a little bigger, pictured next to the "yarn" I am using.

My next piece will be the shetland cobweb lace in copper wire for my old window. By the way we were sorting out the garage, trying to anyway and caught my DP just about to wire brush the old window I had brought complete with peeling paint and dirty cobwebs. What!!! I said. Just cleaning it for you....NO!!!! I want it dirty...thanks all the same that was close.

Part of the old window, cobwebs not so noticable here. Forgive the rubbish pic drew the line at opening the garage door to get a better shot, too cold brrrr.

Then there is the spinning wheel I look at longingly each time I walk past. So close to finishing the first ply of Little Wool co pumpkin and silk sliver. Beautiful!! Then to spin the silk to ply with it. Must do some today... if the back will let me sigh!!

Anyway off to do some knitting...perhaps some spinning, the joys of wet saturdays.

By my bed reading...

The latest copy of "knitting" magazine. an English publication. Very handy to keep up on the latest yarns and what is hot in the knitting world. Esstential with the C & G course. Visit their website you maybe tempted to....

Wish I could be in England this weekend as there is a large knitting event and the Yarn harlot is attending... would love to be there...sigh

Knit on all >^..^< as you can see I have been beaten to the fire!

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Anonymous Libby said...

I agree with your opening comment, I do think that some people are just plain nasty (& some probably jealous too) and that's why they make those negative comments. If I don't like a blog I don't read it & I don't go back - simple as that. I really don't understand people that choose to live in a negative space fullstop - it's only them that it affects in the end. I really believe that if you put positive energy out into the world it does come back around.
So on the note of nice positive comments - your tuplips look lovely, that fire looks super cosy and I look forward to the FO you are working on!

4:52 pm  

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