Friday, March 21, 2008

Holidays are fine things!

Hi again

As promised back with some projects. We have taken a couple of weeks off after Easter and so looking forward to making the most of the last of day light saving and getting caught up on some chores. Such as finishing putting in the extra storage in the roof. [No not for stash... but if we make more room in the house....!!! ] Then there is the small matter of emptying the garage. At least making enough room to put in the new car which is another project for the next 2 weeks. At least to find and buy one that is.

But most of all I am looking forward to getting some projects done for exhibition and also some City and Guilds. [ Today was a rest day and have already made inroads]

But here are the promised pics.

Firstly this is my first small quilt knitted from embrodiery threads. It just needs the binding hand stitched down on the back.

Next is the finished squares for my nine patch quilt. This one was knitted in crochet cotton 30.
Each square has a small lace heart which I will back in a contrast colour. Still all the ends to darn on this one... !!

This is a hoodie for DGS. I must admit didn't enjoy knitting this one as I don't really like knitting with novelty yarn. But being thick and wool it will keep him warm in the winter.

Now this isn't knitting but was rather pleased with it. Two of the exhibitions have a recycling theme. So am making some projects in throw out plastics etc. This is the first one , a neck piece made with silver chain, glass beads and the plastic tags from bread bags. It looks rather good on. Of course you can't have a neck piece and not make ear-rings to match!

Lastly I have some exciting news. I applied for a grant to cover fees etc on my City and Guilds and have heard that they are giving me enough to cover fees and some costs. Very excited about this and with the discount our local art shop is giving me will help a great deal. I am getting so much from the course and am teaching already this year.

Anyway as this seems to be a rather "boring" post will go and get some dinner. Fish and chips tonight. Oven baked that is not quite as exciting as take - away's but better for the blood pressure.

Knit on all >^..^<

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