Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hi all

Yes I am still in the land of the living... at least let me check.. yep still here!

Lifs as always gets away with me. What with the garden and an endless supply of tomatoes, doing city and guilds study, grandkids and work for exhibtions life is never boring.

Oh for more hours in the day or an extra day a week. Now that would be good.

I have finished one hoodie for DGS, a guernsy for DGD [needs sewing up] and nearly some socks for DP. I must get some pics. I have also nearly finished my first mini quilt.

I have also made a neckpiece and earings for a recycled jewelry exhibition in July. So am ahead so far on work.

I have now been getting several requests to teach, next door at the art gallery, Pataka and at Knitworlds knitters weekend in May so no rest for the wicked.

I am going to try and make a real effort to resurect this blog tho as I enjoy the contact and inspiration I get from my web friends.

So I leave you with this beautiful sunset from our lounge room and promise to try and get back to you all soon with some pics of knitting . I love the way the sea takes on the colours of the sky.

Knit on >^..^<



Blogger Gillian said...

Hello Beverley!
Today is the first day I have read any blogs for months and it's lovely to hear you are well and still creating. I've had a lapse but will be back on with a long entry in a couple of weeks after I have moved, once again.
Keep well
Cheers Gillian

6:38 am  

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