Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back again

Hi all, at least if any still bother to check here!

Sorry it has taken so long. Life seemed to get away with me. Not least two house moves, DS2 and DMum. One just before Xmas and the other 2 weeks ago.

The garage needs serious work now... can't even get the car in.. oh dear! The sallies [ salvation army ] is going to do well out of us again.

Xmas passed in a bit of a blur. But did achieve something. With work being closed due to maintenance.... The library only closes normally a couple of days a year so we all had 5 days straight. You can get a lot done in 5 days if you put your mind to it. LOL.

My craft room cum studio space got a huge clean out. I had a new bigger table from Mum to use ... equals more space to spread and do assignments and work on exhibition work. I also had a major sort through the file cabinet full of loose patterns and all my craft, knitting books. I now have a pile to donate to our next spin in on the 27th Feb for the sales table. I must admit to finding it hard to part with some of it.... but lets get real I am definitely to the point of SABLE. [ Stash acquired beyond life expectancy ]

Ok .... so I have been away for a while but Blogger hasn't changed I see. Hmm can't post pics..

I have just lay-byed a new camera so can do better close ups. The sony has been fine but really the quality hasn't been that great and I find I need to keep better records. So am getting this .
It will take a month or two to pay off put worth the wait. Sooo if I can get back into blogging will have much better pics to share. At least if blogger lets me.

But.. wait I now have joined Flickr.... back in a minute... Alright I think I can sort this by a link. Once they finish loading will link to Xmas pics. [ edit to add.. ok have to figure out how to link to the pics... watch this space ! ]

Anyway I have also been very spoilt. DS1 sent me at great expense a new laptop for Xmas. I had great fun tracking it... as he sent it via Fedex. So am now the proud owner of a new Vostro 1500
and not a moment to soon as my old 98 PC died 2 weeks ago. We have fixed it but really.... sooo slow.

So with broadband and a faster computer with DVD writer etc and new camera soon am set for a while.

So really no excuse really.. to post. must. post. reguarly.

As for summer... an amazingly hot and humid one. The vege garden has just taken off. Corn 7 foot high. But of course with a treatened drought have had to water every second day by hand as we can't use sprinklers. The tomatoes are starting to ripen so will be making relish again soon.

But am back at the work, City and Guilds and exhibition work that is. Am busy apply for a grant to continue and am busy transfering images to silk and making neck pieces out of bread tags.... the exhibition has a recycling theme this year. I have until July so must get on ....

Anyway am also a little hooked on this at the moment as well .... so off for a quick game before bed.

I won't promise, but will try not to take so long to post this time.

Knit on all >^..^< it's good to be back.


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