Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bad blogger

Hmmm, Ok I finally get on top of the Blogger problems, and post in a hurry before going here and post to the test blog I set up while trying to fix the above problem.....Duh!

Anyway the problems I have been having seem to have vanished. :) So must try and post more. I must admit they put me off trying to post for a while,

The wool festival was great. managed to get an entry in both the fashion parade and the exhibition. No prizes and neither have sold yet but still after 7 years I am back to it. Now busy working toward the next exhibition in May. So busy trying to knit a 12 foot sash. That's right 12 feet. I must be mad but have hand spun random dyed silk and plyed with fine wool. As our exhibition has a Japanese theme this year am trying to knit a Komono sash. It has to go around the body twice with some to hang so figure 12 feet should be about right. Must be done by the 1st May , will I make it --- watch this space. Oh I have nearly done 2 feet so far and and knit about 7 inches or so a night.

Here is the silk while nearly spun...

Not to mention the place mats woven from chopsticks and books to bind.

I am enjoying the flow tho. Great to be back at the art, craft again. Now if I could just drop the job....!!!

The only fly in the ointment , DS2's landlady has sold the house he is renting so he has 30 days tp find another place to live so guess who is helping.
We also had a 7th [ where have the years flown too] birthday with a a rather wonky castle cake. Oh and a very special trip to the SPCA to pick out a new companion as in a very cute pale gray tabby for said DGD who has been begging for a pet for months. Of course this makes house hunting slightly more complicated , sigh!

Anyway rather late so off to bed. Now I know I can post without fighting the computer for hours will be more inclinced to be more regular.

knit on all >^..^<


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