Thursday, December 28, 2006

Xmas greetings [ belated ! ]

Hi all, I can't quite believe it has been nearly two months since my last post.

At times life just gets away with me. No excuse really other than at times like that I don't always feels like putting pen to paper or in this case finger to keyboard. Even this post "feels" a little hard.

So what has happen... well mostly non-knitting related so a brief overview....

A birthday... hmm at my age one wants to forget these. Has it been really that long since I left high school.

A systems upgrade at work.. enough said other than it involved alot of training, testing and once we went off line for two weeks and then back on a huge back log using an unfamilar system which is slower. Yes I know upgrades are meant to improve function but when you move from a system typist based to one windows based which means using the mouse alot it is a real pain. Anway as I said enough.................... other than I really didn't want to face a computer at home after that.

My DP also had a birthday, a significant one at that. So we went to the mountain so to speak and visited with his family in our "garden city" of Christchurch for a party. A barbecue alto it is meant to be summer.............brr. We have yet to see much sun, mostly cold wind and showers, not to mention the icebergs. But that is another story.

But the gardens were very beautiful and the one long walk we managed was hot and lovely.

The trip involves a 4 hour crossing of the strait between our North Island and South Island. It can be a rather rough stretch of water and it certainly lived up to its reputation!

Once off the boat it was a 6 hour drive to Christchurch. This was a better day and the mountains were lovely. I even managed a little knitting. Until I tried on the sock. The observant will notice that I was knitting the jaywalker socks. I don't know what went wrong but just after this pic I tried it on. Too tight so rip, rip. I redid it in stocking stitch as no other pattern with me. Hmm up to the toe I must finish this.

Anyway once back home we were back into the custody battle in the family court. Which only took two visits to court over two weeks then a further two weeks of deciding to make an interm order. Fortunately in my DS2 favour. But right before Xmas which made it a rather stressful time trying to arrange access over the break. So now DS2 is not talking to me. I'll live but one could get angry about it. Once they arrive back from their Mum's and he needs help no doubt he will come around.

Then of course all the rush and bustle of Xmas. It has gone smoother this year altho I left it rather late to post DS1 parcel to Maryland. Then discovered I couldn't send him his usual treat of Kiwi chocolate without a pin number on the parcel. So had to repack it at the post office and then paid an arm and a leg to make sure he got it in time for Xmas. But it was worth it. I so much miss him. It has been a long 3 years with out a hug. Hmm if he is still there next yeat will have to try and find the money to visit.

Anyway as usual time is slipping away so just to prove that I have been crafting I have finished two more scarves on the knitters loom. I am also working on the knitted dress to go with my wrap for the fashion parade at this years creative fibre festival but no pics of this yet.

Here are the scarves tho.

Oh and it hasn't been really warm enough for the garden but we have had a bumber crop of cabbages, cauliflowers etc this year. Thses babies are rather large. One on the right is 5 kilos and the other is 4. [ Garden fork for scale ]

I had better be off to bed , but a little Xmas flavour. Patches was making sure that santa knew where to leave the catnip mouse. Xmas stockings make such comfy beds.

Knit on all I will endevour to be a better blogger..


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