Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Circulars anyone?


Just a quick post from work to show you all....look what arrived yesterday!

Very pleased with them and can't wait to try them out. They should be great for lace shawls as well as the magical knitting technique.

My only problem is [a] I need to finish my current project first before casting on and [b] bigger visa bill. Hmmm don't think I have ever spent so much on knitting needles before but they are certainly the creme la creme.

As for the supplier I am impressed they were ordered last Thursday via the internet and were here by Monday wow way to go. :)

Anyway in more general terms rather tired today, the funeral took more out of me than I thought. My MIL [ husbands that is ] would have been nice to have some support but DS1 is in Maryland USA and DS2 couldn't face it so ... But on a more positive note DS2 starts his new job as teacher aide on Thursday so as from next week should only have the kiddy run one day a week. Roll on October when I only have them alternate Sundays as well. I may have a life again.

On the knitting front ..well haven't got much done. Being too tired and last night woke up with the Patches [ the resident feline ] curled up on my knee with my knitting halfway through a row resting on her. Hmm she could have had some fun there.. just as well she was more interested in a nap.

But really must press on - entry forms have to be in at the end of the month and the finished item given in by the 7th Sept so most be more focused.

Back to work..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, since you are an avid knitter from NZ, can I find magazines like Interweave Knit or Vogue Knit in general bookstores in NZ? Can one get Clover's circs in Knitworld? Thanks.

4:11 pm  
Blogger Beverley said...

Yes Interweave Knits and Vogus knitting are in the shops here. Normally in specialist mag shops tho. Altho Borders in Aucklands also sells them.

Not sure about the circulars?

10:31 am  
Blogger ferg said...

My daffies are just starting to bloom too!
Congratulations on your new needle purchase. Although I am a "straight" knitter, I have done some on circulars and have one pair of addis. They are terrific.
You're right. People are really wonderful and helpful. I love my blogging contacts.
Cheers Gillian

6:48 pm  
Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Hi Beverley,
Thanks for commenting on my blog - I couldn't bear to use that yarn for ANYTHING it just reminded me how foolish I was to buy it at all!

Enjoy your addis! I love the photo of you on your profile BTW. Those sheep! I'm such a sucker for sheep - I should move to NZ ha ha!!

10:20 am  

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