Sunday, July 09, 2006

Knitting at last..!!

We have just had the most wonderful two days! At last sun and calm. In fact one could be forgiven for thinking that spring may be just around the corner. I sure tho that winter hasn't quite finished with us yet. But hope does spring eternal.

One thing we will have to do come spring is dig under the house. Whenever we get really heavy rain the water seeps through the bank of earth under the house and gathers behind the garage concrete floor. So the only option appears to be to dig a soak pit. There is no where to run a drainage pipe to so we will be "trenching" come spring. Any volunteers to help...!!!??

I have been busy in the garden again, this time planting garlic, shallots and leeks. The garlic was a little late but who in their right mind was going out there is the dark in that storm on the 21st June..!!! This is also a first to plant shallots. I believe they bunch and grow fairly quickly and as we are a fan of onions and make our own pickled ones, note Gillian I am keen to try these. As for the leeks I had hung out to buy a bundle rather than a pot as I wanted large ones and less to plant. But whoever bundled them told a lie when they labeled them as 30 to a bundle..!! There had to be 50 at least! I gave up after doing about 45 or so.

Anyway as promised .... I also went a little for a little stash enhancement, as in fossicking in the specials bin at our nearest yarn store, shop.

Orange, one of my favourite colours as well as two kid mohair balls. They can go with my next purchase , from here more over... Thats right 37 balls of the finest kid mohair for just over a $1 a ball. The seller even threw in some free patterns, This is over 90% kid mohair and should make a beautiful jacket for work.

I also picked up for 50% off three balls of an Italian yarn. It has a lovely glitter eyelash ply. I have used some of this in the past two challenges and it knits up beautifully. Just a row or two here and there goes a long way.

Now what have I being getting up to besides kids, work, garden, moaning about the weather etc etc. Well I was talking to my DM the other day and it seems this very cold weather we have been having has made her thumbs ache quite badly so I remembered these from here. I cast on last night and have finished the first one. I am now nearly 2" done on the second and hope to have them finished and posted to her by Wednesday. I am making a couple of small changes to the pattern. they don't fit as snug as I would like about the knuckles so will decrease across as I cast off and do the picots to draw them in little. Also as it is her thumbs that are aching I have knitted the thumb a little longer as well. They are certainly quick and the cables make for a nice fit. I may even sewing on some small beads in the folds of the cables to dress them up a little. I personally would prefer the green of the original but DM is a "pink" Person.

Next up I have finally warped up the knitters loom and have just to thread the reed and tie off at the front and then I can start weaving. I am starting with a red scarf for me and if this goes well will try some for gifts.

Here are the yarns I am using, a feathers, a ribbon, a eylash and another smaller eyelash as well as the doubleknit I will use to for the weft.

Red is another favourite colour by the way!!

Next up is the challenge #2. It is coming along well and I have 2/3rds finished the second strip. Just one more strip then the side triangles to knit and tassells to stitch and hang.

This is proving interesting to knit but rather boring as well. [ If this makes sense] One of those wish it would hurry up and be finished projects.

Anyway that is it for me tonight, better get off to bed! By the way the weather has been so cold I have been reallt pleased and getting a bit of wear from my festival jacket and some hand knitted knee high socks as well.

Knit on all >^..^<


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Blogger Brahdelt said...

Oh, you're knitting Fetching from Knitty! ^^ These are also on my "to knit" list, but I'll definitely choose some green shade to match my leather gloves I bought this Spring.
I also love orange and red colours! ^v^

4:28 am  
Blogger Drea Renee said...

Your mitts look very fetching indeed. i like the original green color and might try that in a finer yarn to make up for the size problem. i like how the solid colors really bring out the cabling. nice job with the decreasing on the bind off. they look great

5:57 pm  
Blogger ferg said...

I'm glad to hear your weather is fining up. I'm enjoying the sound of much needed rain soaking the garden. We actually need weeks of rain not hours but this will do for a start.
Love the black mohair!
Cheers Gillian

11:37 am  
Blogger Heide said...

The fingerless gloves are coming along nicely. Please post more pictures of the knitting loom project in progress. I've never seen one used before and I'm anxious to see what you make! Cheers.

11:05 am  

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