Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, DS2 had a safe if very snowy and cold trip home. As he didn't get in until 4.58pm the kids stayed with us. Once again DGD had difficulty nodding off however were both very good.

However the down side??... Well the comp doesn't finish until the 23rd June when the completed story board, film and photospread has to be in Auckland by 5.00pm that day. So will still have several nights of "baby sitting" this coming week.

So guess where I am? Yes that's right around at DS2's. Both are in bed asleep thank goodness so fortunately remembered my laptop.

Did doze off however while waiting for blogger to load!! Heh, heh this parenting is exhausting work. I am hoping he is home this side of midnight as I have work again tomorrow. "hardly worth going out if I can't have the flexibility..." tough! at my age you need all the beauty sleep you can get!!!

Last night didn't help by the time I got home it was 10pm and DP and I had one of those "I am so tired I will fight about any and everything" fights. So didn't sleep so well. We never fight!!! Seriously never!!! So this was hard. This whole bit of custody, court, child minding , battling WINZ etc is really getting us down. Over 2 & 1/2 years now.

Sorry if I sound so negative tonight just so tired. Nothing a good break and sit down with my knitting wouldn't help. But too tired even for that. Many try to tell me that DS2 takes advantage of my good nature but I find it hard too say no.

And to top it all off damaged my beloved car tonight on a concrete wall. My fault as I wasn't taking enough care. Fortunately not dented just scatched but it has scatched the metal so will have to fix or it will rust. So more good stash money ...!!!

Anyway just had to have a good moan. No knitting news other than I am slowly coming up with ideas for the next challenge. Have decided to join forces with two friends and make something as a team effort for next years fashion parade. I have also been checking out some Japanese design as our club exhibition has a Japan sister city theme. That and our area exhibition in September which has a spring theme is going to keep me out of trouble for a while.

Anyway this lap top is playing up again so will go do some knitting. Thank goodness I have bloggy "friends" to moan at! I would bust!

Knit on,I promise to try and bring some knitting news soon!!


Blogger ferg said...

Moan on as much as you like. That's what we're all here for. Hope you had a good sleep.
Cheers Gillian

10:38 am  

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