Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pics at last.

After three days of trying I have finally managed to post pics. Blogger can be very obstainate!!!.

First up it the sock pattern book!! So glad to have found the pattern. I know I had worked it out but there is always that element of doubt, "does one have it right?" I am just about finished Stephanies second book and she mentions type A knitters. I fess up that would be me. So I can't stand a mistake and will unpick to fix even if it means ripping out most of what I have knitted. You have a problem with that...!!!

Seriously tho I can't stand knowing there is a mistake I could fix. It sort of worries at me until I do something about it. I have managed to "make" myself fix rather than rip sometimes. As in find a creative way around the problem. eg duplicate stitch or just run down the few stiches involved rather than rip out the whole lot. Have even managed to do this quite successfully in lace as well.

So here is the book.... some nice patterns and am busy deciding which ones to do next.

Here I would like some comments.... what, which is your favourite sock pattern?? I have done very few socks in my knitting life so would like some ideas or pointers in the direction of the best, most attractive, interesting patterns. Ta.

I have been doing some thinking about a comment Gillian left on my blog re my "busyiness". I do have to own up to having a very busy lifestyle. I know I complain at times re this but after honest thought I have always been this way from childhood. I prefer to be busy doing rather than sitting. Not the most restful companion to be with. I am happiest doing. Now on refection I do complain but it is really that I don't have the time to do all that I want not that I am doing too much or don't want to do it...!!! Oh for a 36 hour day or better still a 9 day week preferably 2 more days at home!

The next pic is of a challenge my Creative fibre group , the knitting group is running. We all took along a ball of yarn to match the starter ball. This was split between us all and we all got some of everyone elses. The challenge is to make something from these small balls. We are allowed to add a colour to go with them and to help make a project.

I decided to add brown you can see my balls at the top. The small balls are to the right. I am knitting domino squares and am going to make a scarf wrap using some triangles of the brown as well. I am now up to the third square so it is moving along nicely.

We are going to do another challenge this time taking along 100 grams of some favourite yarn. This time "blind" in other words we won't see what others are bringing so it will be a real challenge as the colours will be more diverse.

Now to finish of here is a pic of my DGD abd DGS enjoying the magican at the library last week.

They had a ball and you can see the cast on her arm. They are so sweet at times. I have to enjoy them as they will be teenagers so quickly!! Won't want to see Nana so much then. Unless they want to hit me for a loan!

Anyway it is still very cold altho now fine. I am off to go back to the fire and my knitting. Enjoy and knit on. See you all later.


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