Monday, May 08, 2006

Stash and UFO reduction

All those who may be worried that I was getting "buried" in a mountain of stash can rest easy. I have two finished objects and more on the way!

Here is DP's new green jersey. [A little darker in real life.] It has come up well and I like the patterned yoke. It is in bulky so will be nice and warm for the winter.

The next one is the watch strap from Knitty. At the library when I am on the issues deck we use a desensitizing block on the books. Much the same as the alarm tags on clothes etc in stores. As a result the magnets affect your watch especially with prolong exposure. Because of this I always take my watch off. So I have worn out several straps with the constant undoing of the buckle. I thought that this would be good as I can just whisk it off and on again. However it is really more of a sports strap and is not so easy to fit under fittted work clothes. So I may keep this one as a sports wrist band. It is certainly keeping my wrist warm at the moment!. I will have to knit another for the other wrist. Winter is nearly here we have the fire on again tonight and it is fine but frosty cold outside. Anyway it is finished!!!

Now remember that sock I found in the stash of UFO's? Well here is it's mate. Note now nearly half way to the heel. Figuring out this much has been a breeze. The heel is going to be a challenge. If I remember rightly there are slip stitchs in the heel flap. I can tell as I can see the floats on the inside of the sock. Once I have got past the heel the rest will be easy. I guess the pattern will "turn" up once I have finished. :)

As I have finished DP's jersey I have started the green shrug. Here is the sample I test knitted. I am using only 3 yarns this time on #9 mm. So far I have done about 2 inches of the back. No pic yet.

You can see the three yarns in this pic above.... Looking good so far and my tension is spot on.

Oh yes just a small addition this time. Spotlight, a craft and homewares store was having a day sale with a draw for a new sewing machine and as my 40+ year old machine is in need of repair thought I would go in the draw. Of course they didn't have the fabric I wanted so brought this instead....

Once Mum gets her new Knitters loom these can be used to weave scarves. By the way it is a ribbon yarn. Talking of looms I have hunted up two of mine. The ridge heddle and the small 4 shaft sample loom , 16 inch. I have seriously got a heap of fine 2ply merino skeins. This is a carry over from when I was knitting a lot of lace. I have had the bright idea of weaving with them instead. [ I will save some of the better ones for lace] This should reduce the stash much quicker!! I have been cleaning them, the looms that is but will neeed to get hold of another 16 inch reed as this one is beyond saving!! Too rusty.

I have also managed to "squeeze" in some spinning time again. I have bag full of silk from a workmate to spin. Have managed a half bobbin, I think this will take a while!!

We had a great if busy weekend. On going up to visit Mum on Saturday morning come across 4 Pukekos crossing the road. Of course by the time I had the camera out they were disappearing into the bush...!!

You can just see one in the middle of this shot. They are a large bird about the size of a chicken with longer red legs. They seem to like to live in the bush by the side of roads so as a result quite often get run over.

After lunch it was out into the vegetable garden to spread 12 wheel barrows full of compost. Only one more bed to do then we can plant the winter crop. This coming weekend I hope. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, broadbeans etc.

Here is our supervisor directing operations. Oh this was before she hunted up and caught the mouse in the compost bin...!!

And this is one of the resaons I have trouble in the weekends getting near my computer and on the internet. When his mum drops him off it is " Nana can I go on the internet" almost as soon as he is in the door.

It is so funny watching a 4 year old using a computer. The mouse is almost twice the size of his hand but boy he knows what to do! They were watching a DVD the other day and both came up to get a drink and biscuit. I went down to back up the disc so they didn't miss any story and it turned out they had "paused" it!!! I was impressed!!!

Then it was off to the park before feeding the ducks.

Anyway thats me for today. I am off to listen to a book and spin before bed. The next two days are busy ones so better make the most of it.

Knit on all>^..^<


Blogger ferg said...

What constitutes a "busy" day for you, Beverley? They all seem to pass in a blur of busy-ness.
Thanks for the ideas for I-cords. I think I could use cotton place-mats and have plenty of spare white cotton which I could have fun shaping, braiding and dyeing when I get back.
Those textiles displayed on the next post are very impressive but I think your lovely cape was just as splendid.
Cheers Gillian

9:35 am  

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