Thursday, April 27, 2006

Festival bargins!!

Hi all

So much for posting again last Tuesday!! I just crashed that night and by the time I had done the kiddy run last night did pretty much the same thing!

So instead of giving you more festival news thought it about time to add a "little yarn" content. lol!

First up is 4 small skeins in a bulky that will be good for adding a bit of zing to a jacket etc. These were only NZ$2 each!

[The colours, as usual are not quite accurate]

The same with the next photo. Here is 1 kilo of a random died LARGE skein. It will be a bit of a challenge to wind off. Thanks goodness for niddy noddy's and skein and ball winders!

I can think of several projects with this. The best it was only $36NZ for the lot! A festival special. It is pure wool, double knit weight and is more blue than the pic depicts.

Now for my most expensive purchase.... , other than the petrol to get there that is!!! Wow now up to $1.79NZ per litre!!

Two books , one most of you will be famillar with. That is "yarn harlot" and when I am awake enough will enjoy this having finished her first book. The next "A knitter's template" is one I haven't seen before. It also was on sale. I have a similar book, older tho and only has templates for up to double knit. This one has them for up to 2 stitches per inch. So should be handy. I prefer to "do my own thing" using templates as a guide to stitches and shapes. I think mainly as I find it much easier to knit my own designs than to figure out the mistakes of some one elses.

Now something a little different, and yes somehow I am going to find time to get back to my spinning. Perhaps as the yarn harlot, will designate a day for it.

The bag on the left holds a small sample of hemp. The advanced spinning group, of which I somehow seem to have found myself a member of is tackling hemp as it's next project. Thought I would get a head start and try a sample. Watch this space....!

The top right is a small bag of 50% silk and 50% bamboo. I love silk spinning and this should be interesting to dye. Last bottom right are two bags of silk rods. When they dye the silk cocoons the sticks they stir the pots with become coated with the silk. Once it has built up they cut them off which leaves these "rods" which can be cut and embelished with embroidery etc. Thought they would be fun to try.

Now a little something to fasten my green shrug. Green shrug you say?? Yes I did manage to knit a small sample for this while away. This time I will only use about 5 threads. The result will not be so "fur jacket" like!! This catch is pewter and I will post a pic of the sample when I get around to taking one.

This pic shows the small sample bags of dyed silk silver I got at $1 a bag. Handy for the silk leaves I have been planning for a project. The flower is a felted wool, silk and beaded pin. I also picked up another lace bobbin for my spinning wheel. Which by the way is a Maji-craft Susie. If you haven't seen a lace bobbin before they have a thicker core. When you spin very fine the "take up" of the singles onto the bobbin is "stronger" at the beginning of a bobbin. The thicker core "mimics" having already got some singles on the bobbin before you start. It does make quite a difference. I was lucky because this bobbin has a "knot" in the wood they let me have $5 off.

That's about it! I did buy some lavender handcream and body spray. But I have already given the hand cream to my Auntie tonight for her birthday. 91 today!! I also went to the Sunday market and picked up some food. But that is another story for later....

Now I think that "Patches" may have missed me........

I tried to unpack but she slept here all night and followed me around the next day.

Oh and one last thing. When you register at the festival on arrival you receive a "goodie" bag. This contains all sorts such as vouchers, chocolate, tissues, lollies etc etc. This year there were small sample skiens of hand dyed embroidery threads in lovely random shades. The item at the back is a hand knitted pin cushion.

Anyway I am off to read the yarn harlot. I promise some more festival news next time.

Knit on, I have been enjoying catching up on reading all the news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:47 am  
Blogger Brahdelt said...

I love the colours on the large skein! ^^ Have you got any plans for it already?
And definitely show us the sample of your green shrug! (I've heard "green", I've heard "green"!... ^^)
When I read about the gas prices all around the blogs, I still have the most expensive gas here in Poland - 2.05 NZ$ per litre of regular!... Well...

10:52 am  
Blogger ferg said...

What a fabulous array of trophies from your travels. The large skein looks a bit daunting to wind but will be worth it. Slow but sure worked with the long one I just dyed but I'm still facing a "bargain" giant skein I've had for three years. It has such potential. I'm keen to hear how you go with yours.
Cheers Gillian

11:01 am  

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