Monday, April 17, 2006

Last day :(

Like all things that you enjoy most they seem the quickest to pass. This weekend has been a great one for all I hoped to do.

We went for another walk today. The weather was not as as good but still warm if a little windy. [ Remembered the camera this time!] The swans were still feeding but it was too windy on the water to watch the fish. We did watch a man trying to berth his boat with his dog running up and down excitably. But didn't feel he would appriecate a photo shot as he was having problems.

After another late brunch it was off to work for an hour to do the cash. The problem with the library is that ever since the museum and art gallery moved into the same building we are expected to be open as often as they are. This of course means been open alot of stat days. So of course as I am cashier this means someone has to do the cash if we are open more than one day without full time staff in attendance. Fortunately this is only 2-3 time a year!

Then after picking up some essential supplies such as bread etc it was off to "the section". My DP owns nearly 2 acres of ground behind the nearest primary school. It is a rather steep site and is covered in bush and pine trees. Last year we gathered 6 sacks or so of pine cones and they were great on the fire.

Here he is walking over the school field ready to "tackle" the hill up. It is easier to go through the school to drag the bags full down as it is much easier than carrying them up to the road.

After 4 full sacks full it was home for a late lunch. Then I cleaned my "baby". That is I washed , vacumed and cleaned windows etc of my car in prep for going to Napier with Mum on Thursday. I hadn't done it for a while and the kids tend to "write" on the windows and drop alot of crumbs etc so wanted to get it nice for the trip. Here she is....... all clean and ready to go.

She has been my one major indulgence and I love every minute driving her! We have been through a lot together.

It is not so clear but "she" is called "Blaise" see number plate. I picked this at DP suggestion. I wanted a personalised plate but couldn't make up my mind. He knew that I liked "Modesty Blaise" books and as she is a female James Bond it seemed to fit the car.

After that it was more gardening before lazying in front of the telly again.

Anyway baack to the stash. Here is another project sorted. This one is for the bracelet I was talking about from here.

The next one should be quick these are for a few of these.... see here.

It should be a good way to use up some lovely leftovers. Heh stash reduction!!

Now for the next big project to start I am going to do another bulky knit but this time with only four or so yarns together. I have the last sleeve to do on my festival jacket tonight and have tried it on. I love it but it is heavy to wear. so this one will be lighter. Thought I might try this if I can get the guage right. [Ok so it won't give me the link from home. It is the fishermans shrug from the Lion Brand home page. Will try from work]

I am also going to try and finish this as it is so nearly done. this one is from here the bias knit vest.

Now for the last pics I found the baby shawl I had knitted for my grand daughter 6 years ago. My son has given it back as it has a thread that needs repair and it needs a wash and block. I designed it myself. It has hearts in the middle with family trees and hearts in the border and the edging has more hearts and a cable running around the outside. One day I may even knitted another. By the way it is about 5-6 feet square.

Well after readin gover my last couple of posts I can't believe that I completely skipped over the fact we did the housework on Saturday. Perhaps because we would have rather done other things but I suppose it needs doing once in a while. Now haveing two bathrooms etc is great especially when in a hurry in the morning but that means two to clean and having four bedrooms an heaps of rooma nd by the way heaps of stuff as in lots of books and collections of "things' makes a lot of cleaning. Thanks goodness that is done for a while!!

Right I am off to bed for a read and supper. Knit on all >^..^<

PS Thanks for the kind comments re stash but I have to admit that what you have seen is only about a third , have yet to show you the double wardrobe full of fleeces and cones and ..... you get the idea!!


Blogger Rachael said...

Ohhh that baby shawl is divine!

12:30 am  
Blogger Ragnar said...

Hey Bev! Send me your email address so that I can send you the stat counter link and give you my address/get your address.


6:20 am  
Blogger Brahdelt said...

I love the idea of "bulky knitting"! And your shawl is great, I like hearts pattern. ^^

7:13 am  
Blogger ferg said...

Apart from being overwhelmed by the shawl I'm really struck by the zigzag vest. The colours are so lovely, Cheers Gillian

9:42 am  
Blogger Atla said...

That vest is looking gorgeous. I love the color choice you made.

2:31 pm  

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