Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Betty Ford" for me!!!

Yes I think I definately have a problem! Only way admit it in public and then perhaps can conqueor it. Lol. If I want too that is.... See more stash enhancement to go with the green yarn in my stash. I need to get a little more purple eylash yet but then I thought perhaps a shrug on large needles with greens etc....??

At least I am knitting up at speed a lot of my stash. Amazing how quickly it is going down. Why I have to buy more... my excuse anyway and I am sticking too it. It has been quite a number of years since I have knitted any garments and most of my jerseys etc are either out of date at the moment or have shrunk.. must have I can't be bigger than I was! So I am enjoying creating some eye catching outfits.

My festival cape now has a back and one front which have been three needle bound off on one shoulder. I am also nearly up to the armhole on the second front so may even manage a sleeve tonight. I am planning on a few rows of ribbing at the neck followed by a flip over collar. If it works that is.

I am also slowly working in the sleeves for DP's jersey. I hope to be up to thinking about the yoke pattern soon. The good news is that I think that I will have enough yarn so the yokes will be done in the same yarn as the rest.

Remember the shoulder wrap I knitted for a friend of my Aunties? The pic really didn't do it justice as it is a lovely light and airy but warm wool small shoulder cape. Well Auntie;s friend loved it and this is what she has given me in exchange....

A lovely little oil painting of her own. It turns out that she is somewhat of an artist and when I meet her and saw her appartment has lots of lovely pictures she has done. She very nicely has given me this one so it now stands proudly in top of one of our many book shelves in our library. Yes we have a library , this house had a seperate dining room which we have turned into a library as we both love books and have plenty!! [ Read understatement here]

The next pic is a small sample I have done of a knitted square. There was a blanket in a crochet book, name of which escapes me at the moment and I took a fancy to the pattern. Thought I would try and see if I could "knit" a replica square. It worked fine, only thing was I should have used stocking stitch in the corner squares as the garter stitch is pulling in a little. By the way this was knitted from the edge inwards in one piece. Once I got to the centre square changed to two circluars to finish off. Interesting experiment. Just shows what can be done in knitting.

This is about 8 inchs square so may one day knit a border and a back and make a small cushion out of it. Would be a pity to "waste" the sample by stuffing it in a drawer with the other's , samples that is.

The next two pics are my knitted cape again. It is already waitiing with my basket to be labeled wrapped and packed. I have to send them this week to be there by Friday as entries for the exhibtion. So wish me luck. I will be quite happy just to get accepted. Some have already been knocked back from the fashion parade so it my be difficult to "get in" this year.

This close up shows the pin in place... hmm must "straighten" one of the strips before I send it.

Now before I go a little something from the garden!! Well not so little really. 5 giant pumkins. The smallest even tips the scale so much I can't get a reading as my scales only read up to 4 lbs max. So pumkin soup anyone...????

At least these babies won't need peeling and processing to store. They keep fairly well down in the garage once dried off. Talking about peeling only have a bench full of tomatoes to peel and pulp...sign. These things are never goin' to stop producing!

Well I am off to peel and pulp, tidy and put away my new stash while sorting out the next couple pf projects as well as wrap and label a couple of parcels. If you are lucky I might even post again later...

Knit on all >^..^<


Blogger Atla said...

Um, so this is probably a stupid question.. but why are the pumpkins white?

And I'm completely green over your library. My hubby and I both love books as well, but after 3.5 bookcases, we're kinda out of space.

4:55 AM  
Blogger Beverley said...

No not a stupid question. There are several varities of pumkins, This one has a gray/green skin but the inside is very orange. I will have to show you once cut. This is one of my favourite ones and keeps very well. I have also grown orange squash / pumkins which I love but they are not such good keepers.

Read on!!!

As for library well, hmm well we must have 30 + bookcase's in this house. Ok I know , even I am not sure where we put them all. Lol. About the only room with out is the smallest room. When I moved we had a truck full of just boxes of books. I even gave away two cars full before hand. I don't think I ever want to move again!!! We have even more now. Oh dear!!

10:29 PM  

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