Thursday, March 23, 2006

Final things

Well!!! Finally it is Thursday. Some time to do my own thing.
I have been getting a little frustrated trying to add some colour and/or a pic to the title bar of my blog. Not having much luck yet. But never say never will get there one day. However if any out there have any helpful advice ...???
Tonight I have finally finished the pin/pins for my cape. I didn't like the affect of the first mutlicoloured one I made so have made two in the dark blue. These look much better I think against the colours. I think that I prefer the one which is larger and on the black plastic stick. I do like the wooden one but as it is dark brown I am not sure if I like this against the blue and colours of the cape.
I was going to post pics but blogger is being rather of a pain tonight!!! I will have to wait until tomorrow to show you all. :(
Today I have been emailing another spinner from Cape Cod. Hi Irene!! Irene is so lucky as she is coming over to New Zealand next week to tour and meet lots of spinners and creative fibre people as well as attend our Creative fibre festival next month.
I have also been asked to bring my Merino spininng course folder that I did with Margaret Stove earlier last year to the festival to share with you all. So have looked it out and put it with things to take. Yes I have a pile already!! Not even started to sort out projects yet...!! I am starting to get somewhat excited about going. It will be great to hopefully take my laptop and camera and perhaps share in a some small way with you all.
My problem at the moment is to find a box the right size to post off my entries to the exhibition. I believe it may be a bit of a challenge to get them accepted but I am hopeful of my basket. The entry form was sent off today for better or worse.
Ah well I have wasted far too much time again fiddling with html code. Off to bed to read.
Knit on >^..^< I promise pics tomorrow all being well!!


Blogger Ragnar said...

You'll never get a prize for anything that you don't submit right?

I met this woman awhile back that had a ton of blue ribbons from the State Fair (I don't know what the down under equivalent would be), and she said that she'd start by looking at the last year's results, and she'd try to submit things in catagories where there was no competition. Whatever works right?

6:53 am  
Blogger Beverley said...

I have had some success at that. In the breeders awards there is not always an entry. I have managed to win the Corriedale breeders award I think about 3 times.

However the exhibition is selected before hand. Then prizes awarded. They are only awarded if they think the item is good enough. It is a little easier than it used to be but it is a national exhibition and it has always been traditionally hard to get selected. It has eased up some in the past few years.

Just to get selected was such a big thing!!! An award was the icing on the cake.

OK , Ok I know you want pics but they will have to be scanned in and their quality is not wonderful.

Knit on...

PS thanks for the encouragement. I am looking forward to sharing some of the festival.

10:16 am  
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