Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Offering plastic storage bins a free good home..."

Wow!! I don't believe it , but I have just managed to achieve something I have tried to do for a while. It was so easy as well. That is to place pics where I want in my blog instead of all at the top. Just had to select no layout and click and drag or enter to create a space for text. The trick when dragging the pic is to make sure you drag it to a gap big enough to take the image.

Anyway working on a Saturday proved to have it advantages after all. Hehe the local fabric barn sells a small amount of yarn and wandering around at lunch time I discovered that they had a 5-50% sale on. So the following green yarn "just jumped right" into my bag.

I also picked up a ball of this........
I have had an idea from Knit.1. [I will get flack for this one from certain quarters!!!] I want to knit a steering wheel cover for my car. By the way I have a red sporty car. Will go with the red dice that a friend gave me as a joke when I got my driver's licence 4 years ago. She took a year to teach me to drive with the help of other friends. She has nerves of steel this one..!! She threatened to buy me the dice but never expected me to hang them! Just had to call her bluff. I ended up having to buy an automatic as I didn't have the confidence in the manual. [Altho I can drive one]. So just happened to get the Celica... my pride and joy.. Granny racer!! But that is another story..!
One of the things I had planned to do today was to go to a local school fair. Love to hunt up the bargins. So DP was instructed to watch out for "any yarn/threads" This was what he picked up...only $2 the lot.
Didn't he do well!! It is all cotton and he wasn't sure if I would want it!!! But I am sure it will come in handy gg.
Knitting content!! I have managed to get so close to finishing my cape should really be working on that instead of typing. Just one more row of stitching and a pin. Thought I might try and buy one this week. So a pic should follow soon of this.
Have the kids for the day tomorrow and have about 10 kilos of tomotoes to turn into sauce so may have to wait until Monday. Also going up to Mums on Monday as she has one of these new Knitters looms put out by Ashford's and needs a little help warping up. So Monday is looking good for crafty things. Must remember the camera.
Anyway off to try out linking now, I seem to be getting the knack of this!! Here's a sunset from our deck to close the day with.
Knit on all >^..^<
PS The links work too...!!! :) Check yesterdays post!


Blogger ferg said...

Gee! Beverley. I feel a bit left behind but I've been doing too much other stuff to sit at it so I'll have another try later in the week. In the meantime I'll just continue as I am.
Well done. Your Blog looks really professional and is a pleasure to read. Really looking forward to seeing the finished cape. Will you model it "about face" or keep coy?
Cheers Gillian

7:05 pm  

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