Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Moving on" plus a bit of "history"

Well I am "officially at home "sick". This dratted cold ended up as sinusitis

but now the painkillers and antibiotics have kicked in a bit I am managing to catch up a bit on blogs and knitting. I decided, after trying a swatch or two that it was better to drop the stitch count down to 9 rather than 12 stitches in the final strip. Hopefully this will mean enough yarn to finish. If not I can move the fourth strip down , knit some more to make it longer and move this one up into 4th place. It just didn't look right using a single thread as it was too thin compared to the others. I am now over half way around again so hopefully will finish this tonight.

Above pics show how it looked first time when I ran out of yarn. Also it has lived on our lounge floor a little long I think!! Patches decided last night it was an ideal cat mat. Sat right in the middle too!! She curled up there and slept all night. So at worst I can make a cat blankie!!

Now was thinking about the Knitting Olympics and all. Was thinking what have I gained from all of this and was feeling a little sad it is now finished. I must be a process person!! I enjoy the ride.

This is where you can all "blog off " if you like a little personal history follows. :-)

5 & 1/2 years ago my husband of over 25 years committed suicide. Now not looking for any sympathy past that!! But he had been sick for several years. Knitting was so much my escape, where was blogging then? I used to be such a great lace knitter, designing and completing many projects. And exhibitiing as well as selling a few. Was a member of the lacy knitters quild of America as well.

Well after his death suffered rather badly with post trauma stress. Tried to knit just a simple hat in a plain old rib!! Found I couldn't knit!!! Dropped stitches etc etc. Now this was so strange something that had been my stress relief was no longer available to me!

Now finally after all this time I can knit again!!!! Woopie!!!! I started small last year with a small bag and then moved on to a bigger bag. Have just finished another knitted basket, must post a pic and now this!!!

So many thanks to Stephanie!!! It has got me back into the groove. I have now got so many ideas buzzing. Rather expensive really have had to have S.E.X. a few times!! Will need some more large bins at this rate. I am so looking foward to finishing this project and a few others. Am sad tho as I have so enjoyed the buzz of checking everyones progress.

But I can't stress how much this has meant to me, just to get going again in something that has always been such a part of my life.

Anyway enough of that, I have said it once so it won't need repeating , but did so much want to be able to let Stephanie know how much this has meant to me. She is the greatest.

Now I wonder if I can interest her in doing something for the Commonweath games??!! Lol I think not!!


Blogger Atla said...

I can never think of what to say after reading entries like that. But I'm glad you're back to knitting, and I certainly hope your health improves soon.

3:20 am  
Blogger Beverley said...

Heh , didn't say it to make anyone sad, just a fact of life. But a fact that has shaped my life for the past few years.

This year feels so much like a new start. The best I have felt for years. Decided at New Year that this year was going to be a good one and it's certainly turning out that way so far!!

Like learning to spin again!!

Knit on or in your case spin on!!

PS Feeling soooooooooo much better today!!

10:32 am  
Blogger Ragnar said...

I poo-pooed the olympics I must confess, but that's a really inspirational story Beverley, and I'm so glad that you are knitting again, I've been watching with interest trying to figure out just what the heck you're doing with all those strips...but it's looking good!

10:52 am  
Anonymous Libby said...

Hi Beverley
I'm a knitter down in Nelson-Marlborough, have lurked for a wee while on your blog & now have 1 of my own - but don't seem to be able to post regularly. There's a knitters weekend in June over in Lower Hutt - for more info check out www.knittersweekend.co.nz I'm planning to go - should be fun to meet up with other 'passionate' knitters!

7:45 am  

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