Friday, March 10, 2006

Another late night!

Well two steps forward another few back. Those of you who have visited before may notice a couple of new items on the sidebar.

Namely a clock and counter. Thought it would be fun to see how few , many visit me here. I suspect not many. My writing is no way as interesting or fun as for example the Yarnharlot. [ My spelling leaves a lot to be desired as well] Not a flash map yet but a start at least. The clock was just a bit of fun and to see if "I could do it" post it that is. :)

I have yet to succeed in posting a button after not a few tries. The clock tells me it is yet again well past bedtime. Computers can be such time wasters , especially when one doesn't know what one is doing.

Perhaps I should stick to knitting!!! DP came in and said "Oh you are doing html code!!" Wish I had taken more notice before. I wonder if I can convince them at work that I need an urgent course or two! Feel an urgent need to befriend anyone who understands this jargon.

Anyway I have made small progress into demystifying blogging. Have yet to try the multipics in text as suggested by a helpful commentor. Thanks Gillian!

I have managed to sew quite a bit more on my cape tonight. Only 1/2 of the bottom strip to stitch and then just to catch down some of the cross-over sections on the top, find/make a clip and I will finally be done. I promise a picture soon. Also have knitted to the arm hole on the front of DP's jesery.

I have yet to finish the wrap. Not so urgent now as I have to work tomorrow as our Saturday supervisor is sick. Heh I get to be acting supervisor for the day. First time!! Better not let the power go to my head. Hehe. I was warned that they wanted the staff to still be there come Monday. Hmmm........

Anyway I have a new book from Wellington library calling me "Oddball Knitting" so off to peruse.

Good night all and happy knitting.



Blogger ferg said...

Dear Acting Supervisor,
I want what you've got! Was it easy? Please send me to the appropriate sites and I'll have a go too. My side bar sure needs something extra.
I really, really fancy a map too and a list of FOs and.......
Cheers Gillian

5:52 pm  

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