Thursday, March 16, 2006

Warning some non-knitting content included

Well!!! After a fraught couple of days I have finally got time to "catch up". It has now been nearly 2 years since DS#2 was successful in gaining custody of his two small children, now 4 & 5 years.We have had quite a battle through family court etc but the kids are doing really well now. However we are still battling WINZ [ Work & Income New Zealand, Social Welfare] to gain his full entitlements. We have only tried for the past 2 years to gain this. In the end we went to the Ombudsman, not sure of the equivilant overseas. However have had continuing problems. He was "cut" off his benefit again this Tuesday so it took a few phone calls etc but hopefully this time all is well. I will believe it when I see it !!!
We have gained a bit of ground because acting under advice he requested a "benefitt review by committee". This seems to have made them get their act together. It has certainly made them "find" forms lost for 2 years.
What with this and it being Tuesday/Wednesday when I do my "granny bit" by looking after the kids I have been rather busy. I also had to boil the tomato sauce again as well as it was a little runny. However looking good now. I tell you we won't be running out any time soon. Just picked another 3 large bowls full of tomatoes tonight!! I WILL NOT be planting 39 plants next year!!

I did however manage to finish this.....

It is a shoulder wrap for an elderly lady friend of my Aunties. I knitted a dusty pink one for Auntie for Christmas and her friend loved it. They are at the age that they spend alot of time sitting with visits to hospital etc. So a light airy shoulder wrap is just the thing. Because they are in a home which has central heating this is just right. I did bead Aunties one as well and it turned out very pretty. Old people like pretty things as well and no reason why they shouldn't feel attractive and well turned out!!! And as it happens very fashionable as this is a Vogue pattern.

The pic was taken at night so the pattern doesn't show so well but it is knitted in a lovely lofty bulky yarn on large needles. So is light but very warm. Hope she likes it!

I have also made some progress on my "computer knitting". That is the jersey/ gansey I am knitting for my DP out of a nice warm bulky wool. This pic was also taken at night and it is surprising how much "lighter" the green looks. It is really more of a dark forest green. Anyway have now done the front and backs to the armhole and 6inches of the sleeves. I will knit the sleeves and then see how much yarn I have left. If needed I will use a contrast in the patterned yoke if short of the green.

It is amazing how much stocking stitch one can knit while waiting for things to load etc. I only have dial up so it is rather slow at times. An understatement to say the least!!!!
You may also notice a change to the right.....>>>>>>>. I have been playing around with a percentage bar link I discovered. I don't have it quite right yet but the man who wrote the programme is very helpful. Hopefully I can iron out the bugs over the next day or two. You can find a link to this here. Good luck ...!!
I have also being thinking about the pin for my Knitting olympics cape. This is finished by the way , just awaiting a moment to have a photo shoot.
I am thinking of doing Dorset buttons as a base for my pin. Now many of you no doubt know how to do these but was wondering if any are interested in seeing a step by step via photo and blog. If so post a comment and I will take photos of the steps and post them with a description of method.
Well I think it is my turn to get supper. I have some reading to catch up on as well. I see that Stephanie has just received her new book. I have yet to read her second but am looking forward to it. Believe me humor is the breath of life to me at times with the stresses of life!!
I will leave you with a thought... perhaps blogging has replaced letters!!!
"What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can't reread a phone call." Liz Carpenter


Blogger Ragnar said...

Wha wha? Not planting 39 tomatoes next year? I'm sure that that's because you'll be planting more right? I've got 11 different kinds of tomatoes growing and even if I only plant 4 of each...uh oh...I'm in trouble aren't I?

And I'm impressed by your bloggity prowess. I'll have to try that percentage bar thing. It seems very indimidating.

Perhaps I can bribe someone.

6:55 am  
Blogger ferg said...

Oh how I agree about the letters. I always was a prolific letter writer and now, emailer and blogger. I have terrible trouble clearing out my inbox and sent items cos I never know when I might need to re-read them. Cheers Gillian

9:29 am  

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