Friday, March 24, 2006

At last ....pic's!!!!

It has taken a while after repeated attempts to post these pictures. I think the problem was that I had saved a draft of a picture I was trying to use as a background and that seemed to stop any more loading!!?? So if any of you are having problems it may be worth trying either to delete or publish any draft postings.
I can tell you one thing tho...I must check more carefully when I post late at night. Boy does my grammer and spelling take a dive! Of course I can always use my excuse that being a little deaf spelling and grammer have never been my strong point. I couldn't "hear" the words and as a result when spelling I quite often spell them how I hear them. Oh well never said I would make much of an author. Much better knitter than writer. One can't be good at everything. So please do bear with me. :) [ I "say" this as I know it annoys some a lot when spelling and grammer is not used "correctly"]
At last I can show you the pins I have made. I have decided to use the one on the black plastic hair skewer. I prefer the effect on the cape. I know, I know you all want a pic of the cape. Well I hope to do that tomorrow. I was a little late home tonight to get a decent pic. Unfortunately I have to work all day tomorrow and by the time I get home the kids will have arrived from their Mum's access visit. Will still try and get a picture tho.

The brown one won't be wasted tho. I have been sorting out the yarn for my next project. Of course I didn't have enough of the right colour in the stash so I had a quick trip to "Spotlight" , a fabic,craft,curtain etc store at lunch time today. Years ago as in the late 60's I knitted a jesery/sweater in bulky weight orange wool. I loved that jersey and the colour. Of course bulky is back in again. So revealing.........................

This pic shows the small sample of the simple jersey I want to make to wear to the festival which starts on the 20th April. Note that Stephanie... a deadline. However it should be easy as I am going to be knitting at least 10 strands together. Only 22 stitches on the back. The guage is 1 stitch per inch. I am going to cast on back and front together and knit straight up to the armhole. I thought perhaps a cropped jacket length.
As you can see orange is the main colour but I am adding purple and mustard yellow with a touch of the yellow/fawn that I brought last week with the knitting machine.
I was surprised how good the sample felt considering I am using broomstick sized needles. It should drape well with plenty of body. I was going to do garter stitch but the stocking stitch is holding so well with out rolling may do this instead. In fact it is knitting up so well I can't wait to get on with it.
More stash you say, well I am using some wool I purchased to knit jeserys for my boys back in the early 80's !!!!! So this is proving to be a stash buster as well. In fact if this works out OK may try to get rid of some of the reds as well. Can you tell I like red and orange??
The pin you say, well I will take off the small blue button from the wooden stake and use an orange one instead. It should go well with the jacket. As I never seem to button up jackets anyway a pin should be enough and well save on having to figure out buttonholes in that large guage.
The last pic is Patches getting comfortable on another garge sale find. An old teddy bear I felt sorry for. He is keeping my old bear from the 50's company at the moment. He is a little worn so may need a jersey or at the least a scarf one day.
What amazes me is that she is sleeping on the rocking chair. Doesn't seem to mind the motion at all as she gets up and down.

Well once again supper is ready and I am off for a read.
Knit on all see you tomorrow!! >^..^<


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