Monday, March 27, 2006


Hi all. I have just had one of those "sh** happens days!!

So much for a day off and putting ones feet up and watching a movie and knitting etc etc. Day started well, went to the gym with a friend then back home for breakfast.

Today marks the 4th anniversary of my dad's death and I had arranged to meet Mum at the cemetry to take fresh flowers etc.

So DP and I headed off to town, Wellington our capital city this morning. I managed to get the ball of yarn I needed to go with my latest project. Or one of them that is. The "festival jacket" We got back in time for lunch and headed off to the cemetary to meet Mum She happened to be driving in the gate ahead of us and I said to DP that her car seemed to be smoking a bit.

Tuesday 28.3

Ok didn't get post finished yesterday so here's part 2. We followed Mum up to the site and when she stopped she popped the bonnet and boy was the car smoking. Unfortunately Mum is rather unexperienced when it comes to cars and really should have stopped once the car started to over heat. The engine was so hot one of the spark plugs had popped out of the engine. You could have fried an egg on the bonnet. Anyway we rung the AA who confirmed what I expected in that it could be the head gasket. He rung us a tow truck and we waited....!!! 20 minutes for the AA and 45 for the tow. That will teach me not to take my knitting everywhere, thought I was only going to be out 30 minutes.

The tow truck driver was a real scream. He pulls up gets out and says " she picked a good place to die on yer"!!! and then "not often we get a pick up in the "dead" centre of town!!!"

So after loading the car on the truck we followed them up to where Mum lives at Paraparaumu, about 20-30 minutes drive on a good day and off peak traffic wise. Took the car straight to the garage and then took Mum home and had a cup of coffee before finially getting home by 5.30pm. Of course DS#2 had rung and "Mum can you do me a favour? It is met the teacher tonight can you watch the kids....?? So there went the evening as well!!

I seriously considered a "headache" today but went to work...!!!

Heres Mum's poor car.

Anyway it turns out that not only is the head gasket gone but the head is cracked as well. So considering the age of the car ir is not worth fixing. So fortunately still have DS#2's old car so can lend that to her while she considers her options. DB is going to try and get a good price for the old one and find her another. She , Mum was rather upset but that is life it was 16 years old and could have gone anytime anyway. Just that cars are so expensive when you are on a pension and all.

As for "breakdowns" nearly had one!!!! I thought bring the men in white coats I need a break!!! Seriuosly after the past few years of stress etc this year is a breeze but could do with some R&R. Can't remember the last time I just had a day at home without feeling like I had to do something like peel tomatoes watch kids etc.

Hmm... now blogger is being unco-operative just when I want to show you some pics of knitting. Will try saving this one and do another post . we will see!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hi all. I have just had one of those "sh** happens days!!"

Such language, and from a Grandmother as well!

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