Sunday, April 02, 2006

On the way!

Just a quick post tonight. The past 24 hours have been full on. Another 11 lbs of tomaotes have been pulped making a total of 79lbs so far. I also baked and cooked for a lunch today and watched the kids. Not to mention washing , dishes etc.

I did find time however to label and wrap two parcels. The large brown one is my basket and cape ready to post tomorrow to the exhibiton.. The smaller box is for DS#1 in "Maryland". Just a little something to cheer his day, and no I won't say what is in it he will just have to wait until it arrives!!!

I must admit to going garage saling again yesterday!!! I managed to get a large bag full, and this equals about two shopping bags full of crochet cottons, zips, laces, braids etc etc. It even had a small needlecraft book in it. All this for NZ$1.50. The crochet cotton is a great find as it is in differnt colours and I use this for book binding, nice and strong.

I have also managed to finish the two fronts and nearly one sleeve on my festival jacket. Of course realised today if I wanted to get Aunties rug finished for her birthday , 27th April I better get a move on!!

Here is is , laid out while I was trying different layouts.....

I have knitted all the squares and have nearly sewn them all together, in this pic not sewn up yet. But I do need to do the edging I have planned a 10 stitch attached I cord one all around.

Anyway better get off to bed work again tomorrow!! I will catch up with all tomorrow.

Knit on >^..^<


Blogger ferg said...

You've been so busy! I've been having a slow spell but I have finished my first pair of socks so I thought I'd tell someone who'd care, Cheers Gillian

8:44 AM  

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