Sunday, April 16, 2006

Two down, two to go # 2 [ I hope! ]

Right , this is where I try and remember what I wrote so well yesterday. Of course it isn't going to "come out" as good but oh well!!!

I can remember saying what a great two days I have had so far. The weather has been brillant warm, calm and sunny. Friday morning actually laid in bed until 9.30am. I know this doesn't sound like much but for someone who has trouble sleeping much past 7.00 and is normally up by at least 8 every morning , more like 7 this was a very relaxing start. I even managed to read and finish the new Vogue knitting mag.

DP and I went for a lovely walk before a late brunch. Down to the harbour to watch the wild black swans feeding. The water was so clear that you could see their legs paddling and necks under the water as they fed. Then under the bridge to watch a school of fish rising with their scales glistening in the sunlight while a ganet swam and dived among them. Of course who forgot to take her camera!!!

Then after lunch into the craft studio/room to tidy and hunt up new projects.

Some before shots........................

The pile of wool, knitting machine etc in the middle.

The table and cutting board swamped with goodness knows what...

Now some after shots. You may say ... not much difference but I can now use my table and cutting mat, find my sewing machine cabinet and the wool/yarn is all sorted and packed away in the boxes and bins in the background. Of course the boxes are still stacked in the middle but I have a slight problem of more yarn than will fit in the bins. Either have to do a lot of sitting around knitting or ... sugggestions please.

Now one or two items found and projects hunted up. Here I will have to admit defeat. Blogger only seemed to want to let me post so many pics so the rest will have to follow.

First up some hand-dyed silk coccons. Brought at the last spin-in and waiting to be embelished and embroidered. (The colours by the way in these pics are a little off. Real life is more colourful , the sun has "washed" them out a little.)

Next some black hand-spun and silver to be used for my new watch strap see pattern here.

Next some reds [ not orangey as appears in the pic] and black for the new wristwarmers to keep me warm when the cold weather fianlly arrives. I thought I would cheat and sew the beads on after. I know I have some jets and reds in my bead stash. My winter coast is black so this will do nicely. Anyway who cares about colour when the air con at work is so cold.! brrr!!!!!!!!!! Pattern here too.

Now drum roll please , presenting a sock. Knitted about 6 years ago and forgotten. I tried it on and thought wow cosy I need to finish #2. This prompted an hour and a half search for the pattern to no avail. :( Not surprising considering the house moving etc done in the past 5 years.)

However I have started the next one so should be able to "read" the other one and copy it. A nice little challenge for the winter months. But if anyone can recognise the pattern and point me in the right direction I wouldn't say no.

Anyway that's as far as I have been able to get. Blogger has not been very co-operative. So next pic next post!!

As for Saturday once I had finished in the studio I went out side for a while and dug up bed #2 in the veggie garden before the kids were dropped of by Mum after their access visit. By the way another bucket full of tomoates, these things are never going to give up. Then to laze about um I mean rest in front of telly before the abborted post and bed.

Anyway today, Sunday?? Well it was rather busy with kids. Their dad was rather late picking them up so today has been a bit of a wash out really. I did try and get on the PC to do this post but made the mistake of showing my grand-son the net - that is the Thomas the tank engine site with games. Well!!! he is completely hooked. I had to prise the mouse off of him to get him to go home. HIs words .." I will ask Dad if I can come back tomorrow to play"!! Sorry mate we're going out tomorrow!!! Quick take the phone off the hook and lock the doors!!

Tomorrow up the section to collect pine cones and bed #3 in the veggie garden as well as compost spreading etc.

What's that you say? Knitting content? Well I did get quite a bit done while lazing about in front of Telly. I have nearly finished sewing up the festival jacket only one sleeve to go and have just finished the back of DP jersey only the front yoke and the neck to do now. So should finish both of these tomorrow. Then what next!!!???

I am off to bed to read, novel better than expected I may see who dunit tonight. See you all tomorrow with the next part of the stash sort and perhaps a pic or two of FO's.

Only 4 days to festival, yeh...!

Knit on >^..^<


Blogger Emma said...

Wow, your studio is fabulous. I'm so jealous. Isn't it a great feeling to get things sorted out and organized? You'll enjoy it so much!

3:05 am  
Blogger ferg said...

Oh, Beverley! What a wonderful stash. And thank you for making it public so now I can show DH that I'm not alone, in fact, I'm deprived and need more.
Hope you have many more weekends as rewarding as that one. I'll do some quick research on the sock pattern today.
Mum is getting better and may be allowed home tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of the break, cheers Gillian

10:21 am  
Blogger Brahdelt said...

I wish I had a studio just for me where I could leave my knitting overnight and NO CATS would be allowed to go inside and hide my pens under the sofa or play with the yarn balls!... ^-^
Great projects on the way! I'm still anxious to see the final result of a Festival jacket. ^^

7:24 am  

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