Monday, April 10, 2006

Yes!!! I am still alive!!

I can't believe it is so long since I updated this!! Sorry all who have been patiently awaiting news. I have been somewhat busy.

With this.........

For this special little girl......

Yes Lily, my grand-daughter is now six. I find this hard to believe. So much has happened in the past 6 years since her grand-dad and I went to Auckland to visit her when 3 days old.

The past few years have been a bit of a nightmare with family court and custody battles but she has turned into a delightful little lady. Everyone who meets who is very taken with her, and her brother!!

Anyway when asked what birthday cake she wanted, it was, chocolate with chocolate icing, marshmallows and pebbles. So that is what she got!! A girl after my own heart. Chocolate that is. Lol!!

Of course her dad stressed out all week wondering what to buy her etc etc. But she has had a lovely day today. Lots of pressies and cake and shopping with dad and tea out at "Subway" her choice. But I am rather glad that is out of the way. Perhaps we can get back to normal. If I can find normal thay is!! It did get rather "tense" tonight as her mother wanted to ring to wish her happy birthday and it was arranged to do it while she was here but then her other Nana rung and got stroppy with me when she wanted others to ring and DS#2 wanted to get her home to bed so we said no. Oh dear this piggy in the middle is no fun!! I will be glad once the court has arranged mediation. Should happen on Wednesday the 12th I hope as this is the next court date!!

I tell you what tho a 6 year girl can talk up a storm!!! What she will be like at 13....!!!

We also managed a quick trip up to see Mum and her new car on Sunday............

Sorry the pic is not so good but it was in the garage. It is a Mitzbishi Galant. Very nice!! She is very pleased with it. So glad DB helped out as car shopping is not something I have had a lot of experince with.

I did manage to do some gardening on Saturday. My veggie garden is split into 5 large beds. I have dug over one and will do 2-3 more over the Easter weekend. The following week-end is the Creative fibre festival, yipee!!! When we get back from that I want to plant the winter crops so need to get the beds ready with compost and manue. I think I have done over 100 lbs of tomatoes now with still a few more green ones ripening.

It was just as well that I managed some gardening as the weather has been rather wild. We have had thunderstorms and very heavy rain for a few days now.

See the rainbow out of the lounge window..................

Excue the flash in the refection!!

In fact the weather has been so wild that we got to work this morning to discover that there had been a small tornado at about 5.00 am which had lift the roof nearly off one of our branch library's. See the white building behind the fire truck......

Fortunately the roof didn't blow off so there was little damage to the contents of the building. But it did mean that we had to empty the library. It took many hands and about 6 or more big van loads of bins to move all the book stock etc back to the main library to "safety" It is going to take a month or more to fix the building.

As for knitting content for patient readers I did get a little stash while looking for birthday presents.

KMart was selling off their knitting needles so managed to score several pairs for a $1 a pair and some "Feathers" in a blue/green colourway which should go with greens I am collecting ready to do the next 'giant" needle garment. Perhaps a shrug this time.

Which reminds me. I have finished the festival jacket. The knitting that is. I have done a collar and just need to set in the sleeves and sew the side seams. Perhaps a pic in a day or two. I have also finished the sleeves of DP's jersey so need to figure out what I am doing re the yoke now.

Well that is pretty much me for today. You many just notice the map counter. This is a bit of fun as I can now see where you all are? Please feel free to take for you blog.

Knit on all. >^..^<

PS I may not have been posting but I have still being reading yours... keeps me sane, my excuse anyway!!!


Blogger ferg said...

Oh my goodness Beverley. What a lot you have to cope with and how well you seem to be doing it. I hope that family trials improve all round very soon.
Lily is lovely!
Cheers GIllian

12:07 am  
Blogger Mrs Independent said...

Nice to see you back - Great birthday cake!! I will be doing a number 6 in a couple of weeks myself - it definately WON'T have any flowers on it though!!!!!!!!

Hope the stress of family court etc improves soon.

8:31 am  
Blogger Brahdelt said...

Your granddaughter is adorable! And I've never seen a birthday cake in a shape of a number of years, cute idea!...(32, I must think about it in October, 32, hm... *^-^*)
I'm so jealous of people having gardens - me, a mere balcony owner... But I'm also preparing to turn it into a nice sitting place filled with pot flowers. Good luck with your garden and everything!

12:13 pm  

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