Friday, April 21, 2006

"Absolutely spiffing darlings"

Greetings from the Art Deco centre of New Zealand. The theme for this years Creative fibre festival.

I have at great expense, or at about $8 an hour got a link. It is however only dial up as my laptop is too old to be capable of wireless so this will be a short post and pics will have to wait until I get home. [ And I thought the home connection was slow!!!]

We had a terrific trip up here yesterday. Only a little held up with traffic and road works. Arrived at 3.00pm in time to go down and register and get our "goodie bags" and badges etc. "Goodie bags" have coupons, chocolate, yarn and gifts etc. We then discovered that the trades were already open so had a quick wander around. I brought some small sample bags of dyed silk silver in a green/purple colourway. Only $1 a bag.

Then it was back to have tea/dinner at the motel before heading back for the offical opening and prize giving for the exhibition. Still didn't know if my entries had been accepted. But did discover someone with a catalogue so finally found out that both my knitted basket and KO cape made it in!! Yipee!! Then was able to text a friend to let her know hers was in as well.

After a lovely sleep up to check out the exhibition this morning to take pics and have a look. It was rather packed out however so will go back tomorrow when quieter to take more pics. [ Not sure how many of those I will be able to share because of copywrite etc. Wouldn't want to upset anyone with posting pics of their art work. Perhaps some general shots??]

Then back to the trade hall to shop and check out the tutor, and area displays and drop off my folder of work from the Merino course I did with Margaret Stove. [They wanted it to show future students.] May do the design course this year.

By this stage Mum, who by the way is now 76 was starting to get rather tired. So I talked her into going back for a rest. I then "escaped" back to the trades where I met up with a friend and did a little damage. As in buy two books, one of which is Stephanie Pearl-Mcphees second book. I also brought a whole kilo of rainbow dyed worsted/double knitting weight yarn for $36NZ. Oh and a lovely felted flower pin as well.

After rushing back for a quick change and waking Mum up it was back to the fashion show. That was great as usual and also with the usual discussions about what got in and who won what etc. I wasn't able to take photos of this unfortunately as they were filming it. They will put pics up on the web site so will let you know when this happens and you can check it out.

The weather has been fab so haven't worn much "wool" yet. But will wear the "festival" jacket tomorrow night to the AGM.

I have been having a lovely time catching up with friends and making new ones. Rather lovely to see ones I haven't seen for a few years. [ And to know they are really pleased to see me "back" again.]

Anyway better get off as this is costing an arm and a leg. More news to follow.

Hope all is well with all. Knit on >^..^<


Blogger ferg said...

All my fingers are crossed for a ribbon,
Cheers Gillian

6:54 pm  
Blogger Brahdelt said...

Sounds lovely! Wish I was there, too! ^^

6:06 am  

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