Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last festival post!! At least until next year. :)

At last I have managed to load the final pics!! I think that loading them at work may be the answer it certainly took a lot less time, and stress!!

Here is another pic from the sunny city of Hastings. The centre square with the fountain as in the previous post also had a lot of statues. [ Including the sheep which you can just see in the background of this shot]

The centre was very pretty and "green" Stephanie!!

Now some shots of Napier. Here is another statue. She is called "Pania" and is a Maori lass from local legend. She is also reknown as last year the statue was stolen from it's previous site. Tho what you would want to steal this for as it weighs well over a ton and is very well known!!. Anway for a few weeks there was much speculation that she may have been melted down or sold overseas. However she did turn up in someones garage. She is now "back" but in a different site , closer to the shops and safer.

Here is one of the main streets close to where my Mum was born and spent her first 16 months before the earthquake. Napier has many such beautiful trees.

This is another memorial. this time to the ship "Veronica" and her men as they were in dock when the earthquake struck and spent many man hours helping the people stricken. It has recently been rebuilt. My Mum could remember when it was first built. It is near the sound dome and people used to dance and skate here. The view in the distance is over the Pacific.

This shot shows a close up of a stained glass window in a shop frontage. Most of the shops in the centre business district are very art deco in style. Very attractive to walk around.

Now on the last night of the festival they always have a closing party. This year everyone was encouraged to dress as in the 30's. Complete with feathers and boas.

We had "desert" served and a skit with police and a robber who interacted with the audience trying to make off with handbags etc. We also had an old fashioned "radio" play using audience members as well.

Then once the raffles were drawn, spot prizes given etc etc it was time to hand on the banner to the next region to host the festival.

This banner is passed on from year to year at each festival. The only thing that is no longer happening at the moment is the action competitions. That is to spin , ply and knit a garment in teams of 6 for a trophy. There was also a weaving comp and a "Kiwicraft" one. I think it all got a bit competitive and it did take a lot of time and effort. Perhaps one year they will bring them back. They were exciting to watch and be in.

Anway once the banner was passed on and next years festival team had done a promo encouraging us to go and visit them in New Plymouth they rolled out the music and were teaching everyone how to charleston. Then party the night away. Altho we left at this stage as our room-mate had an early flight in the morning.

Anyway that is me. I have heaps more pics but I think I have "done" this subject to death. I have yarn, samples and hopefully FO to share. I do hope that I have managed to give you all some idea of it all tho. Lots of fun and sharing with good friends. Perhaps I may see some of you there one day!! Interweave used to run tours out this way at festival time....!!

Right I am off to crack out the spinning wheel. I have some serious stash reduction to do...!!

knit on


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