Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Another festival update" or in other words #2, 3 or is it 4?

Hi all, so much for 2-3 posts today to "catch up with postings! What with blogger playing up, kids all day and laptop throwing wobblies this will have to do.

I am running out of ideas for titles as well!! I want to try and "catch" up with my trip so I can "move" on.

Now I think I had got as far as talking about the fashion parade and exhibition. These are wonderful events and must take a lot of work to stage and run. The fashion parade had singers , a wearable art competition from local schools as well as a retrospective of previous winners. A truly wonderful stage production. Unfortunately as they video tape the show I couldn't take any pics. I would have a problem with copywrite anyway in publishing them. The catalogue was great this year with pictures of all the entries.

They had the garments on display for 2 days after the parades so we were able to get a good look of them. There are always details that didn't show on the catwalk. Our web site should have pictures of the winners later so will let you know when you can go see them.

As for the exhibition because of copywrite I don't feel comfortable showing you to much but will show a few "general" views without close ups to give you an idea. Again our website will have pics of the prize winners late. Our exhititions are run slightly different in that it is very similar to having you garment/item entered into a gallery exhibition. In that they have to go through a selection process. There are awards but not blue ribbons. The awards given are mentioned on our web site if you are interested. It can be hard to "get in". So to be accpeted can be a real buzz.

First up , because of the theme there were displays around the whole venue such as this one at the exhibition.

This gives you a little idea of the way it was laid out.

Oh and this one is guess who's...!! I wasn't a 100% happy with the way it was displayed as you couldn't see the inside but heh I was accepted so who's complaining!

My cape and other goodies...

The display artist they used this year was a retired draper/shop window artist. He liked to hang things in "colour bays".

Another group....

And another......

These few hopefully give you an idea of things. I took a picture of everything so Auntie could see. I am trying to sort into folders the 300 old pics ....!!

Now an overview of the trades hall at a quiet time.

Now this is where blogger tried to get stoppy so will have to show you some more tomorrow.

The weekend has been a good one. More garage saling and a closing down sale at a yarn shop... not to mention spreading 3 bags of chookie manue, pumpkin soup making and yet more pulping tomatoes.

And surprise , surprise I even got some knitting done. I have now reached the sewing up stage of DP's green jersey and have got over half way with my new watch strap. Having the DGK's today did cramp my style a little but ... amazing what you can get done when you try.

As for now it is well past bedtime. So knit on and I will see you all tomorrow I am off to read the yarn harlot, tell me does anyone know what happened to the gray squirel??


Blogger ferg said...

This certainly is a major event! Your bag and cape look fabulous and I like the way the items were in colour groupings. I think it's soothing to the eye.
Cheers Gillian

9:42 am  
Blogger damask22 said...

Hi Beverley.

I had the angora trade stall at the festival and noticed you have a photo of it on your blog (looking down from upstairs). Wonder if it would be alright for me to save it so I have a record of what the festival looked like? I was so busy over the weekend I didn't have time to get round and take photos except for a couple of shots of my setup which I still haven't had developed (the joys of a steamdriven camera!)

It was so wonderful to see all the beautiful work at the festival. The organisers did a massive job.

All the best

6:43 am  

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