Sunday, April 30, 2006

Festival again!! second to last I promise...!


After struggling with my Laptop and PC at home finally downloaded my pics to a flashdrive and brought them to work. Amazing how much quicker and easier it is using Jet stream instead of dial-up!! I can see some changes at home!!.

Well I have talked about the main events at the festival so now is the time to talk about the "extras". You see there is just so much going on. I didn't take any classes this year but they always get in at least one overseas tutor. By the way this is how I met Elizabeth Zimmerman one year. I decided to spend the time with Mum this time but normally take at least two classes. They range from beginning weaving , spinning, knitting, crochet, book making, exhibition display etc etc.

They also have lectures and also exhibition and fashion parade "floor walks" where the selectors talk about the entries etc.

There are meetings for the cross-country weavers, advanced spinners as well as an internet group meeting etc.

Every year they have a display of work from each tutor teaching so you can see examples of their work. I can't for copywrit reasons show these.:(

Here is part of a display put on by a member who has done a lot of work with dying.

They also have a "challenge" or small competition each year. This years' was to create a "boa".

Here are some of the entries....

Also each year one of the breeders association members donates a whole bale of wool to be tested and tried by the members in New Zealand. The results of members experiments is on display at the festival. This way members get to try breeds they may not normally try.

It was coarse breeds this year........ One of the many displays..... Mum liked the little dog!

There was also two tapestry weaving displays. One a New Zealand one and one a Australia and New Zealand combined one. Here are some of them.....

These were quite small.. I think about 6 inchs square?

Also when Mum and I went to the museum to see about the Napier/Hastings earthquake we also popped in and saw the exhibition on display.

There was a cabinet of natural dyed skeins... donated by a man's wife after he died. All his own spinning and dying. All labeled with what he had used....

There was a retrospective of a past well know local spinner and weaver. Some of her garments as well as her wheel.

Here it is. Very unusual...hand made.

We saw the Art Deco displays in the museum collection. Clarence Cliff... etc.

On the Sunday morning I took Mum to Hastings, a city about 20 minutes drive from Napier. While there we visited the farmers market. Lots of yummy things to try. I brought chilli, peppers, cheese, lime curd [ yummy ] and feta. Mum got tempted with fresh bread, mushrooms and home made ice cream. [ By the way by peppers I mean a whole large bag full, they are now all chopped up and in the freezer. :) ]

Here is a view...

While there I finally managed to meet up with Irene Young, hi Irene from Cape Cod who had kindly brought over some Wiltons Gel cake colourings for me to try. [ Haven't yet...]

I also took Mum to see the city centre as she hadn't been there since her honeymoon over 55 years ago.

This is the lovely fountain in the middle of the city. It has the train line running right through the middle. Quite a sight when they are running. [ Not on Sundays]

We also stopped and checked out the locals.... Here's me sitting on top of one..!!

Ok , Ok they aren't real!! :) But still fun. The clock tower in the back is a memorial to all who died in Hastings in the same earthquake.

Ah, at last I have managed to post this!! I have one more to do re festival them business as usual. I have the pics loaded and saved now so should be a breeze later.

Err better go do some work.. Knit on all, catch you later.

PS Go leave Stephanie a message, she is feeling rather sad as it is her sister's first birthday after her passing last year.


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