Friday, May 05, 2006

"Normal service resumes"

At last I can "catch" up on life post festival. Yes I know you have "tagged" me Gillian but that is going to take some time!

I have been rather busy at work as it doesn't seem to matter how much training is given etc I always seem to come back to a pile of work after leave. They don't seem to give it prority so it gets left. Considering my job description states "that 90% has to be done in 24 hours" they don't seem to care when I am not there. Rather frustrating as it means heavy work to catch up. However thanks to an exchange student we have managed it this week. So only 10 days after I got home finally have a clear desk. At work that is.

A different matter at home. So much for a clear up! I seem to keep adding to it.

So what have I been doing?? First up this post is dedicated to a very special lady. In fact she is really special as she taught me to knit when I was about 6! We won't go into how many years ago that was.

Here she is, at her 91 st birthday tea last week. My dear Aunt!! We surprised her for tea with her son and wife and my Mum and DP. She is such a wonder , can't walk much now but still so interested in all things crafty. So I have been buying many more knitting mags than I normally would as she gets so much pleasure out of reading them. Still does a little knitting.

As for the weather. Well winter is on its way. Raining and blowing a gale tonight. I am "Home alone" as DP has a "boys night". So the fire is on I have had tea and am settling in for some spinning and talking book soon.

Saw these on a walk last week.......

Our world is still a beautiful place but grayer now with drizzly days.

Also saw this on Saturday. Was sitting quietly having afternoon tea and looked across at the telly in the kitchen and thought "what's that....??" Only looking closer realised it was a weta. [ A NZ insect ] The weather sends them indoors on the wood for the fire. I also suspect that Patches may have something to do with it. So scooped it up and put it outside. They are harmless but not so nice to look at. Certainly not in the kitchen that is!

Now I have been rather naughty. Saw an add on TV for a yarn shop that was closing so went over on Saturday and made a "small" addition to the stash. Oh and found this at a garage sale. Some nice pink mohair. 7 balls for $5NZ. Now I don't like pink much but I could dye it but will no doubt use it for my DGD. She loves pink and purple of course.

I managed to get this Italian yarn at $2 per ball.

Now don't be shocked even brought some sock yarn Now I was going to buy this at festival and decided not to. I am so glad as I gotit for half price. Two colours one for me and one for DP.

I also picked up 4 balls each of a noverty. I have already got some of this and it knits up beautifully and feels wonderfully soft.

I was also tempted with this rainbow yarn to go with some I already had in navey for kids jerseys and as well as a couple of balls of italian fur yarn. All at half price.

This picture shows the the best buy tho. Some beautiful rust red Kid, silk and merino. Yum And some feathers which matches it well. The Kid was 50% off so got enough for a jersey for me.

Now in case you think that all I am doing is buying yarn I have been knitting. Will have to post these later tho as blogger seems to stop at 10 pics a post. I have finished DP jersey and have nearly finished my watch strap. Only have to graft the ends together. I have also started knitting the sock to go with the one I found in the stash as a UFO. This one will take time as I am going to have to "copy" the finished one. I must admit I can quite see why socks are popular. They are so portable!!

Anyway that is me for now. I am off to stock the fire and do some spinning. See you all tomorrow.

Knit on >^..^<


Blogger ferg said...

Beverley! for heaven's sake leave the tag and get on with some of that STASH!
I'd love to know about your favourite things but there's some serious stash-using to be done. I really don't think I know anyone with so much stash.
Shall we have a competition?
If so will it be by weight or yarn type or, my favourite sorting system, by colour.
Cheers for now Gillian

11:00 pm  
Blogger Brahdelt said...

Wow! That's what I call a proper stash update! ^^ Lovely colours!

7:41 am  

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