Sunday, May 14, 2006

What a week.....!!!!!

Hi all, well it has been a few days since my last post. Funny that Gillian should comment re my busyiness!!! This week ended up been one of those "thank God it's Friday" weeks.

All started OK but DS2 came down with a tummy bug on the Sunday which meant I had the "pleasure" of the school kindy run on Monday as well as the usual Tue and Wed. Then at 3.50pm on Wed got an urgent call from the afterschool care to say that DGD had "fallen" [ read jumped here] from the flying fox and they think she had broken her arm.

So a panic drive to the school to arrive just before the ambulance. After much discussion decided the ambulance would take her to our local hospital. Now this has just been upgraded and now has 24hr emergency services!! Yeah right!! This turned out to be a mistake. Now their care was wonderful and we were only there until just after 7pm. [By the way to save on petrol we had only taken one car to work which meant that DP and DGS who had been collected from daycare were stranded at the library. Fortunately a workmate was able to run them to the hospital.]

But it turns out that 24 / 7 care didn't run to including a fracture clinic. So we were now faced with having to take her that night into Wellington to the regionl hospital and face a lengthy wait or take her there the next day. So you can guess which option we took!! But this did mean that I ended up doing the kindy run Thursday and looking after DGS until DGD arrived back at the library by 3.50pm!!!!

They were lucky tho as it has been book week and one of the childrens books nominated was a story involving magic. So a magic show was on in the junior library at 4.00. So they both got to go and once again DGS was picked to help the magican. This caused a few tears from DGD as he had been picked at the Xmas party as well and she was so keen to have ago as well. DGS didn't help at all as he had a decided swagger on the way out!!! Kids can be so cruel!!!

Anyway DS2 kept her home the next day as well so I was involved in caring for her so he could attend a family court session. So all in all I have been very "hands on" this week!! So Friday was a welcome relief. Saturday managed to get the final bed of the vegie garden ready to plant and planted cauliflower, broccoflower, broccoli, cabbage and two packets of broadbeans. Will plant the rest later. Very keen to try and "stagger" the crop after our flood of tomoatoes!!.

I have managed to do a little knitting , still working on my socks and having finally taken time to work out the pattern for the heel never guess what I have found?... Yes that's right after thinking, "would like to knit some more after this" now where was that book of patterns ...ahh .... [ This is where there was meant to be a pic... blogger is not co-operating will try from work... grrr.]

I have also started on my challenge from the knitting group. Where we all put in a ball and share and then add some yarn and knit a project. Again you will have to wait for this pic.!

Also having decided that DGD really needs some jerseys for the winter and I need some plain "computer" knitting so have cast on a simple jacket for her. In her favourite colours of, purple and some dark blue.

Now where was I , ah that's right Saturday..even managed some spinning! Then it was time for "Mum" to drop off the kids. Well I am not sure what she fed them but it seems a good dose of caffiene via Coke. They were bouncing off the walls. I don't think I have ever seen them so wired!! DS2 came and picked them up early after I snapped at him on the phone!! Just couldn't control them at all. So glad she doesn't have them for more than a day and night!! Today was much better they were back to normal thank goodness. How DS2 copes at times I don't know.

We had a lovely day and visited Mum, Greatnana it been Mother's day in this part of the world. I also rung DS1 and had a "nice" chat with him, hi son!!! He has such a great sense of humor really miss him at times. Especially when the world seems so crazy.

Anyway that's my week. It has been a real... winter is here day today. Cold and wet and a bit wild wind wise. But so nice to have the fire on and sit and watch a movie while knitting. But it is rather late now so off to bed to have a read. Back to work and kids and gym etc etc tomorrow. Roll on next weekend.

Knit on all and to any mothers out there hope you had a great family day. >^..^<


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