Monday, May 15, 2006

"Heh, was that a penguin I saw?"

Ok so still can't load pics. Blogger is being it's usual pain tonight. Camera battery ran out today so I couldn't load them at work will try again tomorrow.

This is going to be a very short post. Winter has arrived with a vengence. We have a southerly blowing at the moment and any one who knows the Wellington area will appriecate what that means.....freezing cold winter straight from the Antartic. Brrr minus wind chill factor outside. Ok, ok I know it is no where as cold as say Canada in the winter but we don't have central heating so the fire is doing its best to heat the house. As the craft room is the furtherest from the fire won't be in here long.

I spent time in the "Wharehouse" after work trying to find cheap heating for DS2 as they are all freezing in an old house. One bright spot tho we have received an offer to take part in a survey run over two years. As part of it we get free solar water heating among other things such as water efficent showers. So guess we will be tempted.

So I am off to do some knitting and perhaps spinning. Hope all reading this are warm and comfy. I am reall y enjoying the "challenge" project and have now finished two squares. No progress on the sock for a day or two put have nearly finished the ribbing on DGD jersery.

Knit on all >^..^< more news tomorrow.


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