Sunday, May 21, 2006

Progress report... or lack of!

Ah another week has past. It seems that as the years go by that the days move faster.. or is it just I am trying to "squeeze" more out of each day.

It has been a rather quiet week really in that not much out of the normal. Work, work and more work!! Especially as DP and I had to work all day yesterday. But yipee we have tomorrow off as time in leu. Going to make the most of it.

The nights are longer and a lot colder. Have had the fire on most nights. When we can be bothered to carry up the wood from under the house. I am not so keen these days to spend time on the PC at home... too cold brr. So I have been doing a bit of knitting , and reading and DVD watching.

Still doing tomatoes tho would you believe! All the winter veggies are now in so can sit back and watch them grow until 21st June when it is time to plant the garlic. I suppose I will push a hoe around once in a while to prevent the worst of the weeds but thank goodness they are not so quick on the upshot during winter. Now if I could just drum up so enthusiasm for the flower beds.... may get rid of some weeds!!!

Wednesday was interesting. Because DGD has a broken arm in plaster and DS2 only has a shower offered to give them tea at my place so she could have a bath and wash her hair. Of course can't do one without the other so had them both in. Forgotten how much work it can be and how hard on the back. Got rather drowned and hot... like a saua.

Other than that on with the progress pics....

First up is DGD jersey. Not sure about this one but have used her favourite colours as in pink and purple. It is in a bulky thick and thin spiral plyed wool yarn. It is my "computer" knitting in other words what I can work on while I wait for pics to load etc. [There is talk about making broadband free to all consumers in NZ by the end of the year so these waits might disappear.] This is going to be just a straight stocking stitch jacket with 2 -3 buttons on the front. As quick and easy as possible as she really needs it ASAP. I hope to do her brother a hoodie in red and the navy as trim.

Next pic shows progess on the "lost pattern" sock. I have now turned the heel and have started the instep. On the race to the toe now. I was pleased in that I managed to pick up some 2 3/4 mm circs yesterday for less than half price. I am now keen to knit more , socks that is but want to try the two circ method. Still trying to make up my mind as to which sock pattern to use. Any suggestions out there??

Now this is what I have been spending most time on... my club challenge. I have now knitted 7 and half finished the next square. They look much better in "real life"! I hope to get at least 10 sqaures out but I am getting low on some of the colours ..Then I will be knitting the triangles to join the squares. I am keen to get on to the next stage so I can see how it is going. This is meant to be finished by next Thursday but i haven't a show! Will just try to get as much done as I can. So far others have made hats , scarves and a book cover and there is still more to see. Hope I can get a pic or two of the results. It has been a fun project and I can recommend it for any clubs , SnB's .

Now just a little SEX I was looking for a ball of yarn for the next challenge when I spotted this.

It was so unusal just had to get a couple of balls. It appears to be a felted strip machine stitched up the middle..............hmmm some ideas there. They had several colourways and it was very attractive ..... not sure what to use it for tho.

While there spotted this as well and as it was so cheap as in $11 got it as well. It is a pack of 4 circular knititng frames. Largest is about a foot across so good value. They are made of very strong and sturdy plastic. Should be good for the kids later. Can already think of some projects to make on them. Just the time issue again.

Anyway I have blabbed on about nothing long enough. Off to make supper and sit by the fire with my new "Knitter's".

Catch you all later, hope all are warm and dry, fed and rested. Knit on>^..^<

PS Leave you with one last pic. What do you do when your household "staff" have fed you the best in fish and put on the fire especially to warm the lounge for you?W hy curl up in your new "cathouse" for a kip.


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