Monday, May 29, 2006

"Dust bunnies" ... yeah right!

Ok someone tell Rams we don't have dust bunnies, stash weasels or even dare I say it moths!

But we are having a small shh.....mouse.. problem. Just as well I am not screamish.

I think it all started with us emptying the compost bins and then of course winter has arrived. So all things small and furry are looking for a warmer drier home as in our pantry or worse still my craft room.

Anyway no way are they getting any of our food. Not unless they learn how to chew through Tupperware or glass. ALL and and mean ALL food is now under wraps. Of course this is not stopping them searching for it.

At least we have killer cat. She has been making hay I tell you. Of course it might be all her fault anyway as she has a tendancy to bring in her "kill" to show off. DP was rather white around the gills the other day on returning home from work to find a rather large rat under the kitchen table. But I do draw the line at having them running around my craft room. Hopefully that is the one she caught this morning and the one in the trap in the pantry tonight is the last of them. Or perhaps the one under the kitchen table tonight that she had left for us!

This week has been a rather bad one. [All knitters warning off topic here a bit.] For the past 2-3 years DS2 has been fighting through the family court to have custody of his two young, 4 and 6 years old children. He recently heard that he had an order to maintain day to day care. He was meant to be having counselling with his ex to better their parenting communication. That has all gone to custard as she is refusing to go and has now filed in court to go for custosdy for herself. So we are back to square one.

I am so mad and very upset by it all. Hence no blogging it took a few days to feel up to sharing this. The past few years have been a nightmare which we felt had resolved only we are back at the beginning again. We have worked so hard to get to where we are with the kids happy and settled and most of all safe. The past few years have not given me much confidence in "the system" so do hope all will be OK.

We have a meeting this Friday am with the lawyer to discuss this new development so please all positive thoughts this way.

Anyway enough about that, after a couple of tearful days with nightmares back again I feel a bit more"normal". So on to knitting. Oh and I have discovered this . The New Zealand version of ebay. It is so much fun. I don't think I will buy much but I am hoping to sell. We have such things as cots, high chairs and buggy to get rid of I mean no longer needed. Anyway I did buy nearly a kilo of cream and hand dyed double knit. Should make a lovely aran jersey for DGD. Some of it is machine washable as well.

Here it is......

Thank goodness for my creative fibre group and knitting etc. Just when I thought I would go mad went up last Thursday and here we are winding off the next project / challenge.

And here is everyone's share. It is mostly blue, rainbow colours with a touch of creamy brown. I think I am going to turn mine into a bag this time with the addition of navy blue.

But before I can start that I have this to finish. I have now nearly knitted all the joining triangles of brown to join the squares and then have to cast on in the middle to knit the short rows to shape the small wrap. Altho it is turning out long than I thought so won't be so small. Then just to make and sew on the pom-poms. Note the middle triangles are sharper so the squares "curve" around the back of the neck.

Looking good...!!

Anyway this room is starting to freeze me so back to the fire and knitting. I have been reading all the blogs but haven't really felt like posting up to now. I will let you all know what happens.

And just to prove that grey pumpkins are indeed orange inside......................

Knit on all. I don't think you all realise how you help keep me sane!!! That and knitting too. :)


Blogger Brahdelt said...

Have you got any good recipes for cooking with pumpkin? I still have about 3 kg of it in my freezer (because last year's Samhain's Lantern was 8 kg!...), and I cannot imagine anything but chicken-and-pumpkin or pork-and-pumpkin!... ^^
I get mice from my cat, too. And birds. And frogs. Mostly alive while brought inside... ><
Good luck for the court case, there must be a pot of gold at the end of the long rainbow, I'm sure of it! *^-^*

2:25 am  
Blogger ferg said...

Hello Beverley, I shall send Brahdelt some good pumpkin soup recipes soon.
I wrote a couple of paragraphs about dealing with break-ups and children and then I erased them. It's hard to know who you are talking to and how they are reading it. I'm still reading you and I hope it all goes as well as possible.
Cheers and more Gillian

4:37 pm  

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