Monday, May 22, 2006

Days off are wonderful... but soon gone!

What do you do when you have one day off a week and you wake to a glorious autumn day. Calm and still with the most sun you have seen for 2 weeks?

Well you rush about and put out the washing, make the bed do dishes and have a nice breaky of bacon, eggs and tomatoes. [ Ok so the bacon was grilled and the eggs poached , no fried bread either!]

Well then you head off out for the day to fossick around bookshops and trift shops and yarn shops and.......... but you get the idea.

We decided to head for an area called the "Hutt valley" two cities Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt. So named by the way from the two staging huts for the stage coach of about 150 years ago that used to do the trip through over to the Waiarapa.

This also happens to be my old stamping ground, grew up in Upper Hutt so it is great to see the familar and catch up with the new.... "heh they pulled down the church , I don't believe it" etc. My DP had to put up with a bit of this.

Anyway the autumn colours were beautiful as well. A small sample... missed the real beauty of red against white we were past before I could get the camera out...sorry!

This pic is not so clear as it was taken from a moving car but is shows how calm the harbour was, one of the ferries is coming in to dock and the sun and all in the back ground. Wellington can be one of the most beautiful cities espeically on a fine day!

Anyway Upper Hutt also happens to be where the yarn shop with a big sale on is as they are closing in August. This is my 3rd trip to see them. Only get the real specials tho. This pic shows some more sock yarn, half price. This time for DP so picked more "man" colours of green and burgandy. [ The white is for me]

I also managed to get some yarn for the next club challenge. I know, I know I was supposed to use some from my stash. But they wanted 100grams and everything I had was either not enough or too much to be worth spliting up. So the two balls in the front are some Italian noverty. It was half price as well and the last lot I brought knitted up a dream and looks fantastic in the squares. [ Doesn't show so well in the pics tho.] This colour is a real mix with even a copper and brown included so should be a safe bet to go with whatever other club members bring. I will take this on Thursday and let you see the results. As in what others bring.

Now it was rather slim pickings today in the trift shops but did pick up a bag of assorted odd balls for $1. See it included a small [36 grams] ball of Opal sock yarn. I thought this too good a bargin to miss. I should be able to get a small pair of socks for DGD out of this. Even If I have to knit the toes in a plain. Beter than $14.95 for a full ball anyway!

Anyway tea is a cooking. The sun has gone down and we only have a few hours left of "freedom" So some knitting DVD watching and perhaps some book reading.

At least we seem to have got rid of the mouse in the pantry. No more "evidence" to be seen. I suspect that the small "corspe" on the kitchen floor the other day was the one. So thanks to Patches, altho I suspect she may have brought it in , in the first place like the lizard I found this afternoon!!

So knit on all, will catch you in a day or two after the grandparent bit!


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Ooh, nice photos! I'm a sucker for pretty water.

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