Sunday, June 11, 2006

Parenthood revisited!

Hi all, yes I know it has been awhile but have been somewhat busy.

To answer Gillian's question from the previous post, the "brown and orange" challenge wrap/scarf is my own design. I tend to knit up my own or at the very lest make changes to any pattern I use. I find I don't like knitting patterns. There are normally mistakes etc. Besides as I get older if I use a pattern that means putting the glasses on at night to read it...!!! Rather tedious , especially as they always seems to be in the "other" room when I want them , just when I have got comfortable...!!!

With the scarf/ wrap I knitted the squares. then picked up the triangles from the sides and knitted them together. Note the middle triangles are more "acute" to make the wrap curve about the back neck area. Once all joined I used two circulars to pick up along the length of the top of the triangles. I then worked short rows to give a curved wedge shape at the top. I then continued in reverse stocking stitch in the middle third again using short rows to make a rolled collar. It seemed to work rather well.

I have now being trying to do the next challenge, in this case I was knitting another bag. But after doing a third decided I didn't like it so ripped it all out. Now trying to decide what to do next. Proablely a bag and or scarf but have to decide how and what with. The dark blue I was using with the random samples was too dark. I do have a denim blue from the stash which may work OK. Will have to sample and see.

I have tho almost finished the sock. I have also just about finished the back of DGD's jersey. But this weekend has had it own challenge. DS2 was invited to be the photographer on a 6 member team to take part in a competition run by Red Bull from Japan. 6 teams in New Zealand have been given $3,500 NZ each to film , photograph and come up with a story board which will be judged and published. [All 6 get published by the way.] This means however that from the 9th June to the 23rd he is very busy. He went away on the Friday 9th and won't be back until Tuesday night 13th. So guess who is "parent" of two darling children for the duration!!!! A 4 &1/2 and 6 years old!!!

They have been rather good altho the oldest is having trouble sleeping as she is missing Dad so much. Finally got her off at about 10.30pm so guess she will be rather tired for school tomorrow. I think parenthood is harder second time around. Guess I am getting a little old for this! Roll on Wednesday. Altho he will need a lot of baby sitting until this "project" has been put to bed. It was such a good oppurtunity but ....!!!!

Anyway the weather has been fabulous but cold with it. Last week we had some heavy frosts... as these photo's show. Can you see the white on the roofs?

In fact it has been so cold I have been wearing my woollen tights and shawls again. Here is a pic of the first shawl I knitted myself about 10 years ago. It is my favourite , no doubt because it is black and goes with everything.

This shawl has been worn and worn. It shows how durable a fine mernio shawl can be even when worn alot. It is so warm about the shoulders as well.

Oh well off to bed again. At least it will be warm there. There is now a howling northly blowing with rain gusts. Brrr. I am off to read up on modular knitting and see if I can come up with a design for the next challenge. If I don't get side tracked witht the knitters loom I picked up from Mum otday that is.

Knit on all. >^..^< I look forward to reading and catching up on your blogs tomorrow at work.


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Wow I really like your shawl.

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