Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another day - a beautiful one at that too!

Hi all

We have just had the most beautiful sunny clear windless day. It is funny but we quite often get our best weather in winter just cold with it. Tonight is going to be cold and frosty tho.

This week has been a better one. The stress level is still a little on the high side but as always life has evened out again.

Tomorrow is the day, but as before I suspect that it will be more of the same. Another affidafit and another few months will go by, then back in court for another round. At least the kids are happy and safe and hopefully reason will win through. I think we will just have to accept that this is the way it will be until they are 16 years or so.

At least DS2 has now had 2-3 years to give them a good grounding. They are very independant children and he is teaching them to look after themselves and each other. At four they can dress, undress, fold and put away their clothes, clean and tidy their rooms [ including make their beds], clean and wash their teeth and know to put their own seatbelts on in the car. He has been busy teaching them "to keep safe rules". As in with strangers, other men and road rules etc.

He is having a struggle with the GD in teaching her healthy eating as her Mum just lets her eat any rubbish but he is slowly winning there. Also Mum is not above starving herself and self image is a real problem so he wants her to grow up healthy with a good self image of her self.

They are delightful and very well behaved and polite. Still naughty at times but lovely children Can you tell I am proud of DS2? He is doing a much better job than I did!

Anyway I digress! We have today and tomorrow off and as it is "Queens birthday" weekend Monday is a stat day as well. So a nice break. Or is would be if we both didn't have colds. Ah well still enjoying some knitting and catching up with blog and book reading. May even manage a little baking and spinning...!!

I did see that a local yarn shop has a sale. May pop down there after the lawyer tomorrow....shhh it doesn't hurt to look does it!!

As for pumpkins , Gillian commented on soup, well this is my favourite as follows.

Pumpkin Soup.

Take 2 stalks of celery and 2 oinions and 2 carrots.
Chop and saute in butter until soft.
Then add 1/2 a large pumpkin skinned and chopped, 3 Tbsp of chicken stock then half fill pot with water. That is cover the vegies.

Simmer until tender then cool and blend. If reheating it pays to heat the soup by putting in a bowl and heat in a water bath as it can spit when boiling. I sometimes cheat by just taking the potato masher to the pot , I don't mind if it is a little lumpy and it beats having to blend it all.

I quite like adding 2-3 chopped bacon rashers to the pan with the carrots etc. Adds a little more in the flaour.

Enjoy!! By the way we had the first of the tomato soup for lunch today with bread. Hmm lovely. Just the thing when you have a cold.

Is any readers have a favourite way to use pumpkin please feel free to share, I still have 4 more to use!

Knitting you say?? yes I am getting close to finishing the first fibre challenge and managed some 3-4 inches on DG jersey. No pics today - sorry ! Perhaps tomorrow.

Anway I am off to have some supper , hot milk and chocolate biscuit and a bit of reading.

Knit on all >^..^<


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