Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh what a beautiful morning ..oh what a beautiful day...

As you may have guessed things went well today.

It was a cold start, a bit frosty however but another glorious sunny and calm day. Anyone who lives in this area will know what I mean when I say calm!!! We normally have at the very least a slight breeze.

The lawyer was very encouraging and believes this is a last ditch stand of pique by the mother as she has been told she has "lost" her case. So we do nothing , just wait on the counsellor's report next month. Of course if she keeps refusing to go then there is nothing we can do about it. But she is NOT going to get any further access unless she is prepared to sit and talk about it. It really comes down to communication and if one party is not prepared to give up their alluison of control/power over and put the children first then it isn't going to work!

So feeling much better today. I did pop into the yarn shop sale but managed to restrain myself to the "real" bargians. This is where I was going to show a pic or two but of course unlike me Blogger is not having a good day! So will have to wait for that. I got enough 1o ply aran weight to knit two garments. A nice gold with a fleck for me and a burgandy for DP , his has a greeny blue fleck. They were only $1.95 for a 100 gram ball of pure NZ wool so a very good buy. [ Were about $8.95 ]

Then this pm have been back and forwards to the tip and recycling centre to help DS to clear out his garage. He has been clearing his section and needed the rubbish taken away. Have only just broken the back of this one as still more to do but we are waiting on the trailer.

Now just to get an early dinner and can sit in front of the fire with my knitting. I am now up to the armhole on the back of DGD's jersey/jacket. I have also made good progress on the challenge. Time to be thinking of the next one!

By the way no more mouse problems thank goodness. I think we will have to get a cat flap before next winter so we can keep the internal door closed to the garage. This may help a bit.

Still 3 more days to go , yipee perhaps some spinning tomorrow. Altho we have wood to move as the big wood box is empty which means moving it from under the house to the garage. I will earn a break tomorrow!

So knit on all. >^..^< From a much happier knitter tonight :)


Blogger Corrie said...

oh I hope your son's troubles are soon over! it is so emotional when children are involved! my BIL has no access to his 5 children despite having to sell his farm to pay out the mother and give her money and you think for that you would get access!
good luck!

7:22 pm  
Blogger ferg said...

Glad to hear things are looking more promising. It's a relief to know that some fairness still exists in such situations.
It seems as if the mother uses the children as a power play and I hope whoever makes the decisions can see clearly what is going on.
It's getting colder here too and we have our firewood under the verandah because it is only used in the kitchen. I am still learning to control the oven temperature and thankfully have an electric oven for general use, Cheers Gillian

10:26 pm  
Blogger ferg said...

I just had a quick look at the webring list and found myself on the first page at 49. You're on 51. Hope you are front page soon as well.
Cheers Gillian

6:39 pm  

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