Monday, June 05, 2006


At last pic's!! Here are the two from Saturday showing the new additions to the stash. Looking at the list of projects lining up I guess these will be next years winter warmers.

Golden for me and....

.... and Burgundy for DP.

The past 5 days seem to have flown. Not quite the break we expected due to heavy colds but so nice to be able to stay inside by the fire. Saturday DP's cold and cough had kept him awake on and off all night so I suggested he stay at home in bed and I drove up to see my Mum and Auntie. As you may remember I had convinced Mum to let me buy her the new "Knitter's loom" from Ashford.

I was able to help her warp up for her first scarf. It was a breeze! I am looking forward to seeing the results and to having a go myself. I have already decided to double, even treable some fine merino in black and white and do one in houndstooth check. This should be a good stash buster as I have a heap of fine merino from my days of lace knitting.

One of the reasons I have been buying a bit of wool lately is that most of the stash I have is not really suitable for jerseys. Mostly fine and odd balls. So this should work through a bit. May even bring in a bit of income as the gallery shop next to the library would sell them. Just need more time...!!!

Anyway Sat pm stayed in front of the fire and knitted. Once the kids went home that night was so tired from doing nothing dozed off and on. Anyway grandparent duties yesterday, Sunday that is. That was rather fun this week. Typical Queen's birthday weekend. Freezing cold southerly arrived which meant staying in side all day. So we made pancakes and had baths and peeled our own vegies for tea etc. I did make the mistake of not watching DGD closely and we nearly peeled the carrot right away but she had fun. She may be only 6 but is determined to have ago at anything. So may as well strike while the iron is hot. Won't be long before she is moaning about getting off the computer or phone to do anything...!!

We had an invite out for tea as well so didn't have to cook which was great but I do wish that people would realise that knitters need at least a small light to knit by as we watched a movie after and it was dark as... so didn't get any done. Now if I had thought I could have taken something plain ah well.

So today we decided to have a quiet day again in front of the fire as it has been so cold. The sun is now out but wouldn't melt an ice cream today, too cold brrr. So hopefully will have rid of this nasty cough by work tomorrow.

I did manage to finish this tho....

Finished off the last of the pom poms and sewed them all on. I happened to have some burnt orange wooden beads in the stash which added a bit of weight.

This second pic shows the rolled neck line I added to the middle third to give a nice edge to the back of the neck area.

So what next..?? Hmm let me see I have this sock to finish and the next challenge to start, looking like another bag at this stage and then there is DGD jersey not to mention... but the list could go on.

I just know it is freezing in this room so will go back to the fire to defrost. One thing about work is that as the internet is available all day on my desk top I can check sites on my breaks. It is warmer there. :)

So knit on all! >^..^<


Blogger ferg said...

The small brown wrap is really clever and looks lovely. Did you design it?
I'd love to have a go at one.
Iwas going to seek out a pumpkin scone recipe but I got hit by a virus I got from the plane and have been unwell for a few days.
Cheers for now Gillian

9:11 am  

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