Tuesday, June 13, 2006


A quick post as this room is freezing. I am huddled up here with 2 wheat sacks trying to keep warm enough to type.

One problem of being in air con all day at work, you feel the cold more at home. The fire is great but as the kids are sleeping in that room haven't been able to have it so hot.

They have been really good. Just a little slow to go to sleep at night as they miss their dad. Who is as I type headed home. They were meant to be home with him tonight but his friends car broke down last night which delayed their leaving Hamilton until 5 tonight. [ I do hope he drives carefully. ever since I lost my first husband in a car accident at 21 I am rather jittery about loved ones on the road and there is so much ice and snow about.]

Yesterday the weather really threw it at us. A strong blustery Northerly in the morning with heavy rain followed by a equally as strong southerly in the afternoon , evening. So cold and the most snow down south for more than 30 years.

Check this link to see...


I had taken the afternoon off to pick up the kids and take them home to start the fire and tea. Got the fire going ok then the power started to fluctuate and then went all together. Of course DGD had hysterics as she is frightened of the dark and it was by then 5.00pm. So out came the candles and torch etc. We were warm enough but had to go out for take outs tea as the oven wouldn't work. They had cut the voltage to spread the load so we had dim lights but not much else. Anyway DGD decided it was fun once we had a candlelight dinner. Fortunately it came on in time to watch a little pony DVD to help them settle before bed!

So not much to report on the knitting front. I did try and do a sample of the next challenge but my brain is not co-operating with ideas at the moment. Might be something to do with the middle of the night visits from DGS. Don't know how I did it first time around. So tired!!! I am looking forward to a break.

Anyway I am off to thaw out and do a little reading before bed. May have more interesting news one day soon. Cheers!


Blogger ferg said...

Once again you are doing a grand job holding everything together with all that love and energy.
In some ways, the wintry days can be fun but a warm retreat is essential.
We are not getting daylight until after half past seven. I think I dread the dark more than the cold.
Keep warm Cheers Gillian

9:55 am  

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