Monday, July 03, 2006

If you can't beat them.........................

Hi all, thought if you can't beat them join them! In other words the craft cum computer room is so cold these days that posting doesn't hold the same appeal. So here I am in front of the fire with my laptop. And of course who has the best spot , on the sheepskin and twitching no doubt dreaming of catching mice....!! The fire must be getting up heat as she has moved a lttle , she did have her tail right up on the slate health earlier.

Anyway the laptop does have the advantage of being portable but really needs reloading. I had a hacker on it with virus's etc. it is now "cleaned" up but needs reloading to get it running better. Just haven't got around to it. [ read here don't know what I am doing so have put it off! It could end up worse!]

The past week has been a better one and now it is school holidays for 2 weeks which makes life easier. As in the next two days only have to run the kids to one place, day care instead of school, kindy with a real rush after work to get to pick up DGD by 5.55pm. So life is slightly easier. Roll on August when DGS turns 5 and they are both at school. I can't believe he is going to be 5. He was only just one when they first moved in with me. So much water has been under the bridge since!!!

I haven't done alot this past week. Still getting back into routine and resting after the "kiddy challenge"!

I did manage to do some more planting and hoeing in the vegie garden. Planted some more cabbage, cauli, broccoli etc. I have got garlic, shallots and leeks to plant this coming Saturday and except for hoeing can forget it for a while. The winter garden always looks a little tidier as the weeds don't grow so fast.

Here are the broad beans and cabbages from the last planting. See Monkee one of my favourite "paths".

Last Friday night had a night out, first in ages. There is a small hall near here that has been turned into a "lighthouse theatre". These are small cafe, cum movie theatres which only sit from 60 -80 people and have lovely comfy sofa seats. They are also licenced so you can have a glass of wine as well if you like. Anyway this one is new and has a lovely cafe and a view over the inlet and bird reserve. So some of us from work decided to have a "mid-winter" do. We had pizzas and drinks at work before heading out to the theatre for a showing and supper afterwards, Very nice. I would have taken knitting as it would be very easy to knit here as it is so comfy but didn't have anything with me that was easy to do in the dark. Ah well , next time.

It was so good thinking if having our Xmas do here. Have them cater a dinner and hire the whole theatre so we can request a movie. Would be something a little different anyway.

As for knitting slowly working on my next club challenge. I have knitted one strip and am 1/3 through the next, knitting it altogether as I go. The corner joins are a little tricky but it is coming along. Not sure if I like this one yet which probably explains why I don't have a pic to show you yet.

I have got a little side tracked with these.. and this and this and dare I say this as well!! I have also got a little hooked on this.... I didn't realise that you could pick up so much yarn cheap this way. I have just brought 37 balls of 70% mohair for just over a $1 a ball.

Anyway all these books and yarn ...I have so many ideas I want to start but need to finish some WIP. But some how at night it just seems easy to sit and knit what is at hand.

Must be the cold, apparently this winter has been the coldest in 30 years!! I would believe it too.
We have another cold southerly on its way north at the moment so was making the most of the sun today.

Anyway my knee is being "marked" out as a sleeping spot, the fire must be dying out a little! Better go and get supper. I will "tidy" and edit this up with links tomorrow from work so check back!!

Knit on >^..^<


Blogger ferg said...

There's nothing more enjoyable than researching and planning because you can have it turn out perfectly in your mind! The books look great. I nearly bought a copy of Knit Lit the other day. In fact I think I'll take another "wish list" round to my local library. They always do their best to get things in.
I know some people call it day-dreaming, but I do most of my planning in the early hours of the morning when I lie awake. It's more productive than counting sheep.
Your weather seems pretty horrendous this winter but the vegies are holding up well. Ours are fighting for space against the weeds.
Cheers Gillian

1:50 pm  
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