Saturday, June 24, 2006


At last! Can believe so much time has past since I last posted. I haven't had either the time nor the inclination to sit and collect my thoughts to put "pen to paper" so to "speak". Hmmm.

"The" project my DS2 was working on has been finished by last Sat pm. As far as I know that is. He came home Sat night about 11pm and hasn't talked to me much since. Can't get anything out of him so have to presume all went OK. He seems very depressed and I can't make up my mind if it is because it didn't go OK or he is just very tired. He worked solid for 2 weeks with very little sleep and "lived" on his nerves to pull this one off, so this may be pure reaction. Anyway I have decided there is nothing I can do about it but move on as if all is OK. This seems to be working. So after a couple of sleepless nights worrying about him.... finally I am relaxing after having the kids for nearly 2 weeks straight.

In all they stayed with me for 5 nights in total and I baby sat them the rest until at least 10.30 each night. Oh as well as the usual running to and from school, day care etc etc. Man was I tired. How I did it first time around..!!!

I did try several times to get my laptop out and post but normally dozed off over the keyboard waiting for blogger to load. [ Did I mention how tired I was] As an aside am considering broadband. Xtra is offering free sign up is very tempting , dial up is sooooooooo slooooooow!

Plus DP and I could be on at the same time...hmmm.

Anyway worked all day Sat as well so had today, Monday off. [ Ok the more alert among you will have noticed the date of the post is Sat, but I uploaded the pics at work on Sat hoping to post later but was so tired , did I mention how tired....]

So today was lovely. The house seems almost too quiet. No chatting 6 year old girl, [Boy even at 6 they can talk up a storm.] and no little boy playing cars and wanting to play Thomas and Friends on the internet. We caught up on some washing between showers did a little shopping and watched a movie and knitting, finally not too tired to do more than a few rows.

We did go over the Hutt and called in at Fenton's a yarn shop which is closing in about 8 weeks. I had hoped to get some more bargians but most of the best has gone now. Only got two more circulars , a couple of patterns and 3 balls of an expensive Italian yarn at half price.

Anway there has been between showers some of this................

Please excuse the angle of the pic and flash in the window. It was early morning and a bitterly cold frost outside but the sun was shinning with a rainbow. Very beautiful. [ I liked how the flash looked like the gold at rainbows end] Yes we have had sun. But oh so cold. I don't think we have had such a cold winter for years.

First the South got it then last week the North Island was cut off with nearly all the main roads closed through the centre with snow. The poor farmers have been feeding out and will run out of winter feed. The govenment has annouced its intention to help out with aid. They are still trying to restore power to outlying areas down south who have been without power for over 2 &1/2 weeks now.

Now to last you may say!

Presenting ... the socks. It has only taken me 6 years to finish them. lol. I have now cast on a pair to try the 2 circulars method. I have taken it a step further tho and am trying a pair on 2 circulars at the same time. Will post when I have done enough to show.

My camera leaves a lot to be desired and the cables on the legs don't show but they are finished!!

The next pic shows my next challenge project. I tried several ideas with this including several different main colours. I had a hard task making up my mind and finding a colour I was happy with. I was determined to use some stash this time and not to buy any more. The yarns we all shared were a lot harder to put together than the last challenge. The yarn is a denim blue which seemed to match the best.

I finally decided on knitting strips using small amounts of the noverty yarns. I will knit 3 strips and knit them together as I go. Then will knit the side triangles and add beads and tassels. What is not apparent in the pic is that the strip is triangles knitted modular fashion and knitted together as you go. Where the rows of noverty are show clearly how the knitting goes in triangles.

I have 2 triangles to go on the first strip then I can start the second.

I did manage to get a half day last Thursday and took a class run by a friend who was teaching silk cocoon embelishment.

This is my test sample. It was meant to be a Xmas decoration but I decided that I liked the lime green and blue better then the red and green. It is shaped like a Fushia flower. My friend uses them to make earings etc. But I am going to use some of the cocoons dyed orange to decorate tassels for the above wrap.

Well that about sums it up. I haven't really done much as I have been a full-time mum for 2 weeks. Well it felt like it anyway. So am looking forward now to catching up on some projects. I want to get out another UFO, of which I have several. I decided that once the socks were finished that I should finish another outstanding project. So will it be the vest or should I try the little baby jersey...hmmm.

Anyway one thing hasn't changed it is frezzing in here! I am off to make supper and get into a warm bed with a book, catch you all soon.


Blogger Brahdelt said...

It's such a relief to sit here in the boiling sun and read about snow and cold. It really is! ^^
It's been very hot lately in Poland, but they say that July and August are going to be chilly and rainy, well...
6 years to finish socks, wow! ^^ I thought I am a procrastinator... But, seriously, congratulations! It's always nice to have more FOs than UFOs. ^^
Blue scarf looks interesting (I'm turning towards blue shades recently).
Keep warm! ^^

1:36 am  
Blogger ferg said...

Hope you are getting some well earned rest. We have been hearing here, about the dreadful winter weather in NZ. We are longing for some rain but all we get are crisp, cold but sunny days. No-one is ever happy with their weather for long!
The socks look lovely and the cables can be clearly seen. The blue project looks greattoo. Such innovation,
Cheers Gillian

6:27 pm  

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